10th April 2019 The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary
Manifesto - (घोषणापत्र) - announcement

Synonyms: policy statement, publication, declaration, platform

Antonyms: vague, conceal, obscure, dissemble

Example Sentence:

The charity's manifesto explains the organization's mission.


Boastful - (डींग मारने का) - showing excessive pride

Synonyms: bragging, Egotist, vain, cocky, conceite

Antonyms: humble, modest, unconceite

Example Sentence:

He is always very boastful about how he met his favorite celebrity.


Amount to - is equal to

Synonyms: come to, total, get into, compass

Antonyms: imbalance, disproportion, differ

Example Sentence:

Neglecting your studies amount to cheating your parents.


Untenable - (अस्थिर) - not able to be maintained

Synonyms: unstable, shaky, changeable, flimsy, implausible

Antonyms: bearable, tenable, certain, sure

Example Sentence:

It is sound like an untenable situation, but he remains upbeat.


Remote - (दूरस्थ) - distant

Synonyms: faraway, far, beyond, devious

Antonyms: close, near, sizeable

Example Sentence:

They live in a remote area.


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