28th March 2019 The Hindu Editorial Vocab

Cede - give up, surrender

Synonyms: concede, relinquish, yield, transfer

Antonyms: keep, gain

Example Sentence:

The Principal refused to cede powers to the teacher in his absence.


Imperil - put at risk of being harmed, injured or destroyed

Synonyms: endanger, threaten, leave vulnerable, jeopardize

Antonyms: save, guard, protect

Example Sentence:

The financial health of the company was imperiled by a string of bad investments.


Prod - encourage, motivate

Synonyms: spur, stimulate, persuade, actuate, prompt

Antonyms: deter, discourage, dissuade, restrain

Example Sentence:

He did his work, but only after I have prodded him into doing this.


Rescind - cancel

Synonyms: repeal, revoke, invalidate, put off, detain

Antonyms: approval, confirm, uphold, enact

Example Sentence:

The workers rescind the strike after the Company agrees to their demands.


Apathetic - having little or no interest or concern

Synonyms: uninterested, indifferent, unconcerned, lukewarm

Antonyms: enthusiastic, eager, passionate, concerned, interested

Example Sentence:

His apathetic attitude made people think, he was an egotist.


Cumulative - increasing, growing

Synonyms: accumulative, mounting, progressive, accruing

Antonyms: decreasing, regressive

Example Sentence:

Knowledge is a cumulative repository.


Recalcitrant - difficult, uncooperative,

Synonyms: challenging, obstinate, awkward, obdurate

Antonyms: cooperative, obedient, docile

Example Sentence:

Because of some recalcitrant members, the committee got little work done.



Perish - to die, especially in a violent or sudden way

Synonyms: pass away, vanish, expire, crumble, ruin

Antonyms: born, revive, begin, thrive

Example Sentence:

Many people perished in the blizzard.


Abysmal - extremely bad, miserable

Synonyms: bottomless, profound, awful, terrible, appalling

Antonyms: good, wonderful, appealing

Example Sentence:

They live in abysmal conditions.

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