6 Months July to December Current Affairs

Q1. Who is the only Asian invited to participate in the Golden Globe Race?

       i) Commander Abhilash Tomy

      ii) Commander Akash Roy

      iii) Commander Vikram Singh

     iv) Commander Virendra Singh

     v) None of these

Ans- Commander Abhilash Tomy

Q2. Which government is going to host the 2018 World Union of Wholesale Markets?

       i) Andhra Pradesh

       ii) Assam

       iii) Uttar Pradesh

       iv) Haryana

       v) None of these

Ans- Haryana

Q3. Who has become the fifth Indian cricketer to be inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame?

       i) MS Dhoni

       ii) Rahul Dravid

       iii) Virat Kohli

       iv) Sunil Gavaskar

       v) None of these

Ans- Rahul Dravid

Q4. Who has crowned the 55th Femina Miss India World 2018 title at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Indoor Stadium, in Mumbai?

       i) Manushi Chhillar

       ii) Meenakshi Chaudhary

       iii) Shreya Rao

       iv) Anukreethy Vas

       v) None of these

Ans- Anukreethy Vas

Q5. Which team wins the 2017-18 Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy tournament?

       i) Mumbai

       ii) Delhi

       iii) Hyderabad

       iv) Haryana

       v) None of these

Ans- Delhi

Q6. Which State government has launched Annapurna Milk Scheme?

       i) Uttar Pradesh

       ii) Assam

       iii) Rajasthan

       iv) Odisha

       v) None of these

Ans- Rajasthan

Q7. Antonio Vitorino elected as new Director-General of UN migration agency. He belongs to which country?

       Ans- Portugal

Q8. Which team clinched the kabbadi Masters Dubai 2018 title?

       i) Iran

       ii) Pakistan

       iii) India

       iv) France

       v) None of these

Ans- India

Q9. Environment Ministry has said that the high pollution levels in Delhi during this time of the year is primarily due to dust storms from which state?

       i) Haryana

       ii) Andhra Pradesh

       iii) Rajasthan

       iv) Madhya Pradesh

       v) None of these

Ans- Rajasthan

Q10. Which is the official advisory body on the natural sites of the UNESCO heritage meeting?

         i) World Wildlife Fund

         ii) International Panel on Climate Change

         iii) Global Environment Facility

         iv) International Union Conservation of Nature

          v) None of these

Ans- International Union Conservation of Nature

Q11. In which country Ravi Thapar is appointed as the next Ambassador of India?

         i) Argentina

         ii) Costa Rica

         iii) France

         iv) China

         v) None of these

Ans- Costa Rica

Q12. Who is the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), Secretary?

         i) Ravindra H Dholakia

         ii) Monti Rajkhowa

         iii) Alka Tiwari

         iv) Sthayashri Sharmila

         v) None of these

Ans- Alka Tiwari

Q13. On 21st June 2018, which online travel aggregator said that it has acquired Saudi Arabia's Flyin to expand their business in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region?

        i) MakeMyTrip

        ii) Trivago

        iii) Goibibo

        iv) Cleartrip

        v) None of these

Ans- Cleartrip

Q14. Who has recommended an asset management company/ alternative investment fund (AIF)-led resolution approach to deal with NPA cases of more than Rs 500 crore?

         i) R.K Sahani Panel

         ii) S. Mundra Panel

         iii) Sunil Mehta Panel

         iv) BS Jayakumar

         v) None of these

Ans- Sunil Mehta Panel

Q15. Monti Rajkhowa belongs to which state?

         i) Rajasthan

         ii) Harayana

         iii) Andhra Pradesh

         iv) Assam

         v) None of these

Ans- Assam

Q16. Where did Renewable Energy Dialogue 2018 held?

         i) Uttar Pradesh

         ii) New Delhi

         iii) Kerala

         iv) Tamil Nadu

         v) None of these

Ans- New Delhi

Q17. When did the Indian Government celebrate GST day?

         i) July 1

         ii) July 2

         iii) July 4

         iv) June 21

         v) June 30

Ans- July 1

Q18. During which of the following census the data collected will be stored electronically?

         i) 2019

         ii) 2021

         iii) 2024

         iv) 2030

         v) 2031

Ans- 2021

Q19. Which state will be awarded for reducing Maternal Mortality?

         i) Haryana

         ii) Kerala

         iii) Tamil Nadu

         iv) Madhya Pradesh

         v) None of these

Ans- Madhya Pradesh

Q20. How much amount did India pay to the Global Environment Facility (GEF) for the next four years?

         i) $15 million

         ii) $20 million

        iii) $25 million

        iv) $30 million

        v) None of these

Ans- $15 million

Q21. What was the theme of National Doctors Day that is celebrated on July 1, 2018?

         i) zero tolerance against unprofessional medical practitioners

         ii) zero tolerance against false medical practitioners

         iii) zero tolerance to violence against doctors and clinical establishment

         iv) Equal facilities for all people seeking medical help

         v) None of these

Ans- zero tolerance to violence against doctors and clinical establishment

Q22. Who has been elected as the new President of Mexico?

          i) Lopez Abror

          ii) Amdor Obrador

          iii) Lopez Obrador

          iv) Amdor Abror

          v) None of these

Ans- Lopez Obrador 

Q23. Anjolie Ela Menon is related to which field?

         i) Singer

         ii) Politics

         iii) Journalist

         iv) Artist

         v) Writer

Ans- Artist

Q24. What is the rank of Indian Money in Swiss bank?

         i) 65

         ii) 54

         iii) 73

         iv) 74

         v) None of these

Ans- 73, India has draw up 15 places to 73rd in terms of money parked by its citizens with Swiss Bank in 2017, while UK remains on top position.

Q25. Who broke her 100m national record to become the fastest woman of the meet, in the 58th National Inter-State Senior Athletics Championships(NISSAC)?

         i) Krithika Baskar

         ii) Hima Das

         iii) Sudha Singh

         iv) Dutee Chand

         v) None of these

Ans- Dutee Chand

Q26. According to new B.C.C.I. regulations, the ICC will impose a ban of a minimum how many tests on ball tampering offender?

         i) 6 test

         ii) 9 test

         iii) 10 test

         iv) 12 test

         v) None of these

Ans- 6 test

Q27. Which state has enrolled Sathyasri Sharmila as first transgender lawyer?

         i) Kerala

         ii) Tamil Nadu

         iii) Madhya Pradesh

         iv) Rajasthan

         v) None of these

Ans- Tamil Nadu

Q28. Which of the following state government plans to repeal anti-conversion law?

         i) Arunachal Pradesh

         ii) Assam

         iii) Bihar

         iv) Odisha

         v) Goa

Ans- Arunachal Pradesh

Q29. Where was the 58th National Inter-State Senior Athletics Championships held?

          i) Bhubaneswar, Odisha

          ii) Nagpur, Maharastra

          iii) Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

          iv) Guwahati, Assam

          v) None of these

Ans- Guwahati, Assam

Q30. The 42nd World Heritage Committee meeting of 2018 is held at?

         i) Qatar's capital Doha

         ii) UAE's capital Abu Dhabi

         iii) Bahrain's capital Manama

         iv) France's capital Perish

         v) None of these

Ans- Bahrain's capital Manama

Q31. India defeated which country to lift Kabaddi Masters 2018 title?

         i) Pakistan

         ii) Iran

         iii) UAE

        iv) Afganistan

        v) None of these

Ans- Iran

Q32. Which of the following firm has signed MoU with Kerala government for the digital hub?

         i) Google

         ii) Facebook

         iii) Airtel

         iv) Nissan

         v) None of these

Ans- Nissan

Q33. Who has become the first Sikh man to be hired as an anchor by a news channel in Pakistan?

         i) Mahinder Singh

         ii) Harmeet Singh

         iii) Ravi Kumar Bhagat

         iv) Sushant Singh

         v) None of these

Ans- Harmeet Singh

Q33. The 17th World Police & Fire Games held at?

         i) Iran

         ii) Singapore

         iii) California, USA

         iv) France

         v) None of these

Ans- California, USA

Q34. Who got the Icon Award at London Indian Film Festival?

         i) Amir Khan

         ii) Salman Khan

         iii) Shahrukh Khan

         iv) Irfan Khan

         v) None of these

Ans- Irfan Khan

Q35. What is the time limit of linking PAN Card with Aadhaar Card?

         i) 31st March 2019

         ii) 31st December 2018

         iii) 1st January 2019

         iv) 1st July 2019

         v) None of these

Ans- 31st March 2019

Q36. Name the Indian American who has been appointed as the CEO of Democratic National Committee (DNC) of United States?

         i) Dhilip Kamlesh

         ii) Seema Nanda

         iii) Deepa Ambedkar

         iv) Ravi Wadia

         v) None of these

Ans- Seema Nanda

Q37. Who has become as the chief justice of Hyderabad High Court?

         i) Justice Kalyan Sen Gupta

         ii) Justice TBN Radhakrishnan

         iii) Justice Indrani Banerjee

         iv) Justice E.S.L Narasimha

         v) None of these

Ans- Justice TBN Radhakrishnan

Q38. Who holds the record for most appearances for Argentina?

          Ans- Javier Mascherano

Q39. When is 63rd foundation day of State Bank of Indi (SBI) celebrated?

         i) June 30

         ii) July 1

         iii) July 2

         iv) June 28

         v) None of these

Ans- July 1

Q40. Which Indian airport has been ranked as the fifth least punctual airport in the world?

         i) Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai

         ii) Indra Gandhi International Airport, Delhi

         iii) Kempegowda International Airpot, Bengaluru

         iv) Mangalore International Airport, Mangalore

         v) None of these

Ans- Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai

Q41. Under whose leadership, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has formed a committee for emotional well being of doctors?

         i) Dr. Rajiv Trehan

         ii) Dr. Anuj Trehan

         iii) Dr. Ravi Wankhendkar

         iv) Dr. Atul Guleria

         v) None of these

Ans- Dr. Ravi Wankhendkar

Q42. Which university has found that air pollution leads to a significantly increased risk of diabetes?

         i) Washington University

         ii) Oxford

         iii) Manchester University

         iv) Chicago University

        v)  None of these

Ans- Washington University

Q43. Who has won the Austrian Grand Prix?

         i) Sebastian Vett

         ii) Nico Rosberg

         iii) Max Verstappen

         iv) Lewis Hamilton

         v) None of these

Ans- Max Verstappen

Q44. Which National Park has become the largest habitat of the endangered estuarine crocodiles in India with a record number of 101 nesting sites?

         i) Rajaji National Park

         ii) Bhitarkanika National Park

         iii) Simplipal National Park

         iv) Sultanpur National Park

         v) None of these

Ans- Bhitarkanika National Park

Q45. Which country has formed new literature prize in protest against Nobel Prize in Literature?

         i) Sweden

         ii) Norway

         iii) Finland

         iv) USA

         v) None of these

Ans- Sweden

Q46. Who wins Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018 title?

         i) Pakistan

         ii) India

         iii) Thailand

         iv) Australia

         v) None of these

Ans- India

Q47. Who has conferred the Kalidas Award?

        i) Seema Nanda

        ii) Ramachandran

        iii) Anjolie Ela Menon

        iv) Both ii) & iii)

        v) Both i) & ii)

Ans- Ramachandran & Anjolie Ela Menon

Q48. The Central Reserve Police Force launched-----------Helpline, a distress helpline for the people of J&K?

         i) Vyaan

         ii) Madadgaar

         iii) Samachar

         iv) Rescue 101

         v) None of these

Ans- Madadgaar

Q49. Which state's high court ruled that caste should not be mentioned in the arrest memos?

         i) Madhya Pradesh

         ii) Andhra Pradesh

         iii) Rajasthan

         iv) Assam

         v) None of these

Ans- Rajasthan

Q50. Which state will set up India's first Khadi Mall?

         i) Gujarat

         ii) Madhya Pradesh

         iii) Uttar Pradesh

         iv) Jharkhand

         v) None of these

Ans- Jharkhand

Q51. Which regulatory authority has revamped panel on alternative investment?

         i) Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

         ii) Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

         iii) Insurance Regulatory Development Autority (IRDA)

         iv) Pension Development Regulatory Authority (PDRA)

          v) None of these

Ans- Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

Q52. Who has won the Malaysian Open Badminton singles title for a historic 12th time?

         i) Kento Momota

         ii) Lee Chong Wei

         iii) Shi Yuqi

         iv) Tommy Sugiarto

         v) None of these

Ans- Lee Chong Wei

Q53. Who has been appointed as Director and GM of United India Insurance?

         i) Vijay Srinivas

         ii) Ravi Kumar Bhagat

         iii) S Gopakumar

         iv) Harmeet Singh

         v) None of these

Ans- Vijay Srinivas

Q54. Where was "AgriVikas 2018", conclave on agriculture and allied sectors held?

         i) Indore, Madhya Pradesh

         ii) Guwahati, Assam

         iii) Bhubaneswar, Odisha

         iv) Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh

         v) None of these

Ans-  Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Q55. Which Indian won a bronze medal at the junior world weightlifting championships in Tashkent?

          i) Jhilli Dalabehera

          ii) Punam Yadav

          iii) Kavita Devi

          iv) Kunjarani Devi

          v) None of these

Ans- Jhilli Dalabehera

Q56. Who is runner-up of Hockey Champions Trophy Final 2018?

         i) Pakistan

         ii) Australia

         iii) India

         iv) Thailand

         v) None of these

Ans- India

Q57. Which country host 5th Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) intersessional meeting?

         i) Japan

         ii) Australia

         iii) China

         iv) New Zealand

         v) None of these

Ans- Japan

Q58. Where was the 4th National Consultation Meeting of Ministers of States &UTs, in-charge of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs held?

         i) Mumbai

         ii) New Delhi

         iii) Hyderabad

         iv) Madhya Pradesh

         v) None of these

Ans- New Delhi

Q59. Which mega solar power project has started operation to serve Delhi Metro?

         i) Sakri Solar Power Plant

         ii) Narora Solar Power Plant

         iii) Rewa Solar Power Plant

         iv) Mirza Solar Power Plant

         v) None of these

Ans- Rewa Solar Power Plant

Q60. Who has been elected as the President of International Kabaddi Federation Chief?

         i) Janardhan Singh

         ii) Charu Sharma

         iii) Surender Nada

         iv) Manjeet Chillar

         v) None of these

Ans- Janardhan Singh

Q61. Where did the National Workshop on Skill Development for Persons with Disabilities held?

         i) Mumbai

         ii) Hyderabad

         iii) New Delhi

         iv) Andhra Pradesh

         v) None of these

Ans- New Delhi

Q62. Which state government has announced subsidy on rooftop solar installations?

         i) Uttar Pradesh

         ii) Haryana

         iii) Madhya Pradesh

         iv) Himachal Pradesh

         v) None of these

Ans- Himachal Pradesh

Q63. Which country runs the Hambantota Port?

         i) China

         ii) France

         iii) Sri Lanka

          iv) Australia

          v) None of these

Ans- China

Q64. Which of the following company gets CCI nod for merge with Indus towers?

         i) Reliance

         ii) Bharti Airtel

         iii) Intelnet

         iv) Bharti Infratel

         v) None of these

Ans- Bharti Infratel

Q65. When was World Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) day observed?

        i) June 21

        ii) June 28

        iii) July 1

        iv) July 2

        v) None of these

Ans- July 2

Q66. Which country has opened new visas to Indian Scientists and Academics?

         i) Germany

         ii) United Kingdom

         iii) USA

         iv) Sri Lanka

         v) None of these

Ans- United Kingdom

Q67. Who became the 1st Indian Army officer to complete the Ironman Triathlon?

         i) Manoj Pandey

         ii) Balwan Singh

         iii) Vikram Dogra

         iv) Udi Adam

         v) None of these

Ans- Vikram Dogra

Q68. Which state gets the national award for best performance under Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritav Abhiyan (PMSMA)?

         i) Haryana

         ii) Himachal Pradesh

         iii) Assam

         iv) Madhya Pradesh

         v) None of these

Ans- Himachal Pradesh

Q69. When was World Sports Journalists Day celebrated?

         i) June 28

         ii) June 30

         iii) July 1

         iv) July 2

         v) None of these

Q70. Pakistan Army launched an operation, Rah-e-Rast, flush out militants from the tribal region. It will be launched in which of the following year?

         i) 2022

         ii) 2021

         iii) 2019

         iv) 2030

         v) None of these

Ans- 2019

Q71. Which country plans to tow icebergs from Antarctica for drinking water?

         i) South Africa

         ii) Germany

         iii) UAE

         iv) Australia

         v) None of these

Ans- UAE

Q72. Which government has launched Happiness Curriculum for government schools?

         i) Uttar Pradesh

         ii) Madhya Pradesh

         iii) Andhra Pradesh

         iv) Delhi

         v) None of these

Ans- Delhi

Q73. Which country won the six-nation Kabaddi Masters Dubai title?

         i) Pakistan

         ii) India

         iii) Thailand

         iv) Australia

         v) None of these

Ans- India


The 17th World Police & Fire Games held at which of the following place?

        Ans- California, USA

Q75. With whom Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal launched ‘Happiness Curriculum’ for students?

         Ans- Dalai Lama

Q76. To which of the following members India to provide tariff concessions on 3,142 items?

         Ans- APTA

Q77. Deepak Mathur, Executive Vice-President, Global Sales at SES Video, said that, the successful launch of _____ satellite recently will help India’s direct-to-home (DTH) TV market?

         Ans- SES-12

Q78. Aadhaar is a unique identity number of how many Digits?

         Ans- 12-digits

Q79. Which country became the highest scoring team in FIFA World Cup history?

         Ans- Brazil

Q80. Name the first Indian Army officer to complete the world's toughest Ironman Triatholam?

         Ans- Vikram Dogra

Q81. India is currently in the process of inducting the first batch of its intercontinental ballistic missile system _____?        

         Ans- Agni-V

Q82. Under the 'Beautification of Railway Station with Local Artists' competition which of the following railway stations got the 1st Rank?

         Ans- Balharshah

Q83. In which country India export max. of its seafood?

         Ans- USA

Q84. Who is the author of book Eleventh Hour?

         Ans- Hussain Zaidi

Q85. Who took charge as the new director general and chairman of the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB)?

         Ans- P K Shrivastava

Q86. Who is the president of the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA), A  New Delhi based Indian think tank?

         Ans- Vice President of India

Q87. Which state gov. started scheme to provide milk to 62 lakh school students?

         Ans- Rajasthan

Q88. Where did the first meeting of Cauvery Water Management Authority held?

         Ans- New Delhi

Q89 Which country won the Champions Trophy hockey 2018 in Breda, the Netherlands?

       Ans- Australia

Q90. SoundLogic has named which Indian cricketer as a partner-evangelist?

         Ans- Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Q91. Allahabad Bank has increased its lending rates by how many basis points with effect from July 1 ,2018?

         Ans- 10

Q92. Which is India’s top investment bank for equity issuance by private sector companies as per report of Prime Database Investment Bankers League table for FY 2017-18?

         Ans- IIFL

Q93. Where was the 5th Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Intersessional Ministerial Meeting held?

         Ans- Tokyo, Japan

Q94. On July 3, 2018, the Centre announced a state-of-the-art e-waste recycling unit for which city. This will be India’s first such unit in the government sector?

         Ans- Bengaluru

Q95. The Chhattisgarh government set up a tribal museum in the state’s upcoming new capital ____?

         Ans- Naya Raipur

Q96. On July 3, 2018, Ministry of Power held a conference of state power ministries at ______?

         Ans- Shimla

Q97. Which company will launch fully self-driving buses in Japan?

         Ans- Baidu

Q98. cVigil is an app by?

         Ans- Election commission

Q99. Who will inaugurate the India’s First Global Mobility Summit?

         Ans- Narendra Modi

Q100. In which state India’s 1st taxi ambulance service flagged off?

          Ans- Delhi

Q101. NITI Aayog announced that it is organising ‘MOVE: Global Mobility Summit’ in ____ on 7th and 8th September, 2018 in association with various ministries and industry partners?

          Ans- New Delhi

Q102. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari flagged off ____ ‘s taxi ambulance services in New Delhi?

           Ans- Wagon Cab

Q103. The Rajasthan government approved what per cent reservation for five communities, including the Gujjar community, against their demand of 5 %?

           Ans- 1 %

Q104. “Behdienkhlam”, a 4-day Annual Cultural Festival was recently held in a small town named Jowai, in which state?

            Ans- Meghalaya

Q105. Which state government announced Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan (Sambal) Yojana 2018 (a scheme to provide subsidized power)?

           Ans- Madhya Pradesh

Q106. The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to name the Agartala airport in Tripura after _____, the erstwhile ruler of Tripura?

           Ans- Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya Kishore

Q107. World Bank group member International Finance Corporation (IFC) invested _____ in Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. (M&M)?

          Ans- $100 million

Q108. Which Life Insurance Company, has announced its tie-up with Oxigen Services India Pvt. Ltd., to enable distribution of its insurance products at Oxigen retail outlets?

           Ans- IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company Limited

Q109. Who won the National Maritime Search and Rescue Award?

           Ans- Milan Shankar Tare

Q110. Who was appointed the new Chairman of the Payments Council of India?

           Ans- Vishwas Patel

Q111. Name the Indian-American White House lawyer, took charge as Acting Director of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), United States?

          Ans- Uttam Dhillon

Q112. International Cricket Council (ICC) has introduced stricter sanctions for ball-tampering. Ball-tampering has been upgraded from level 2 to ____ offence?

          Ans- level 3

Q113. When was America Independence Day celebrated?

          Ans- July 4

Q114. The main custodian banks shared a list of how many countries named as “high-risk jurisdictions” with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) recently?

          Ans- 25

Q115. RBI issued licence to which Chinese Bank to launch operations in India?

          Ans- Bank of China

Q116. The Finance Ministry announced that it has kept the interest rates on small savings schemes. What is the interest rate of National Savings Certificate (NSC)?

          Ans- 7.6

Q117. On July 5, 2018, Bank of Baroda has increased the marginal cost based lending rates (MCLR) by what per cent for various tenors of loans?

           Ans- 0.05 %

Q118. Which credit card issuer, announced the launch of ELA’ (Electronic Live Assistant), a virtual assistant for customer support and services?

          Ans- SBI Card

Q119. International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) has issued the first BS-VI certification for a heavy duty engine model for which firm?

          Ans- M/s Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicle Limited

Q120. Minister of State (Independent Charge), Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Giriraj Singh distributed the Swachhata Awards 2018 of MSME Ministry at Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra in ____?

           Ans- New Delhi

Q121. Who became the first serving Indian Army officer and the only General in the world to have completed ‘Ironman’ competition held in Austria?

           Ans- Major General VD Dogra

Q122. Who was elected the President of Delhi & District Cricket Association (DDCA)?

           Ans- Rajat Sharma

Q123. Name the person who has been appointed the Chancellor of the University of Hyderabad (UoH)?

          Ans- Justice L Narasimha Reddy

Q124. Wipro has promoted its head of digital business ____ as a president?

           Ans- Rajan Kohli

Q125. Which company will launch fully self-driving buses in Japan?

           Ans- Baidu

Q126. Who will inaugurate the India’s First Global Mobility Summit?

           Ans- Narendra Modi

Q127. In which state India’s 1st taxi ambulance service flagged off?

          Ans- Delhi

Q128. Which telecom provider launched its fiber broadband technology?

           Ans- Jio

Q129. Which species embryo was created for 1st time to save nearly extinct species?

           Ans- Rhino

Q130.  Which country defeated Belgium to win Quidditch World Cup for third time?

           Ans- U.S.A.

Q131. In which country Russia will build two nuclear power units?

           Ans- China

Q132. Who is the sports minister of India?

           Ans- Rajwardhan Singh

Q133. To which country’s bank RBI issued licence for operation in India?

           Ans- China

Q134. Which country aims to add 40 million WiFi users in India by 2019?

           Ans- Google

Q135. In which country World’s first digital art museum opened?

           Ans- Japan

Q136. Whose first ‘pad abort’ test conducted successfully?

           Ans- ISRO

Q137. Which airport will be renamed after being approved by cabinet?

           Ans- Agartala

Q138. Which state launched ‘Poshan Abhiyan’ to eradicate malnutrition?

           Ans- Gujrat

Q139. Which high court declared animals to be ‘legal persons’?

           Ans- Uttarakhand

Q140. Which central force becomes 1st to opt for eticketing?

          Ans- NSG

Q141. Which state government launched subsidised power scheme named Sambal?

           Ans- Madhya Pradesh

Q142. Which scheme is approved by Cabinet for relief and rehabilitation of Migrants?

           Ans- Umbrella

Q143. Who is the Chairperson of Nasscom?

           Ans- Rishad Premji

Q144. In which city, First India Tourism Mart will be held?

           Ans- Delhi

Q145. Which team is joined by Ronaldo after his exit from Real Madrid?

           Ans-  Juventus

Q146. Gujarat Government grants religious minority status to which community?

           Ans- Jews

Q147. Which is the China’s first optical remote sensing satellite sold to Pakistan?

           Ans- PRSS-1

Q148. Telecommunication ministry approved merging of Idea and which other company?

           Ans- Vodafone

Q149. Which state tops ease of doing business ranking?

           Ans- Andhra Pradesh

Q150. Who is appointed as new Brexit Secretary?

           Ans- Dominic Raab

Q151. Who is appointed as new UK Foreign Secretary?

          Ans-  Jeremy Hunt

Q152. Who is the first Indian to climb world’s highest volcano?

          Ans- Malli Mastan Babu

Q153. World’s largest mobile phone factory is opened by?

           Ans- Samsung

Q154. Who took charge as president of Association of Indian Universities (AIU)?

          Ans- Sandeep Sancheti

Q155. Of which company Martin Schwenk is named new MD and CEO?

          Ans- Mercedes-Benz

Q156. India signed 5 MoUs with which country in the field of Science & Technology?

          Ans- South Korea

Q157. Who will lead Indian Hockey Team at Asian games 2018?

           Ans- Harendra Singh

Q158. Which state banned use of thermocol cutlery?

          Ans- Himachal Pradesh

Q159. Who won Golden Man Booker International prize 2018?

           Ans- Michael Ondaatje

Q160. Whom did Muthoot Pappachan Group appoint as brand ambassador?

          Ans- Vidya Balan

Q161. RBI canceled the license of which bank?

           Ans- Alwar Urban Co-operative Bank

Q162. What is rank of India in Global Innovation Index?

           Ans- 57

Q163. Where did HRD Minister inaugurate 17th World Sanskrit Conference?

           Ans- Canada

Q164. Which Indian city has black carbon pollution 5 times more than US?

           Ans- Delhi

Q165. India signed MoUs with which country and pledged to double trade?

          Ans- South Korea

Q166. Which company becomes India’s 1st network to launch ‘internet telephony’?

           Ans- BSNL

Q167. Which state government signed MoU with Microsoft?

           Ans- Rajasthan

Q168. Which app launched ‘forward label’ feature for texts globally?

          Ans- What’s app

Q169. Who started “The Eat Right Movement”?

          Ans- FSSAI

Q170. Who classified sex addiction as mental illness?

          Ans- WHO

Q171. From which city Shri Ramayana express will start?

           Ans- Delhi

Q172. Name the largest naval exercise?

          Ans- RIMPAC

Q173. UNSC adopted Resolution 2428 to impose arms embargo on which country?

           Ans- South Sudan

Q174.  ‘Shul’ is India’s first ____?

           Ans- Hyper Car

Q175. Who addressed the Conference of Intra-ocular Implant & Refractive Society of India?

           Ans- Vice president

Q176. Who is appointed Director-General of Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA)?

          Ans- TCA Raghavan

Q177. Which country replaced US at UN Human Rights Council?

           Ans- Iceland

Q178. Which bank securities enable MF transactions through Facebook messenger?

           Ans- HDFC

Q179. Scientist RA Mashelkar proposed as chancellor of which institute?

           Ans- Jio

Q180. Which state approved Rs 39 crore ‘Seema Darshan’ Project for infra development?

          Ans- Gujrat

Q181. Which country finished 4th at 2018 FIFA World Cup?

          Ans- England

Q182. Latha appointed as new MD, CEO of which bank?

           Ans- Dhanlaxmi Bank

Q183. Who was the first Indian batsman to score 10,000 ODI runs?

          Ans- Sachin Tendulkar

Q184. With which country India signed a deal to reduce tariffs on Indian medicines, anti-cancer drugs?

         Ans- China.

Q185. With which country china opened first land-based communication link?

         Ans- Pakistan

Q186. In which country SCO drill will be held?

        Ans- Russia

Q187. Which country unveiled $330 mn telescope set to be world’s largest?

        Ans- South Africa

Q188. With which country india signed Revised Travel Arrangement (RTA)-2018?

        Ans- Bangladesh

Q189. Hima Das to be named sports ambassador of which state?

          Ans- Assam

Q190. Who inaugurated new HQ building of Archaeological Survey of India?

          Ans- Prime Minister

Q191. From which country India will buy S-400 missile?

          Ans- Russia

Q192. Who launched consolidated Bridge Management System?

           Ans- Railway

Q193. Who is the 2nd richest person in Asia?

          Ans- Jack Ma

Q194. Which state will launch ‘One farmer one transformer’ scheme from 15th August?

           Ans- Maharashtra

Q195. In which sports Hima wins India its first gold at World Junior C’ships?

           Ans- Running

Q196. India joined European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as its ______ member.

          Ans- 69

Q197. With which bank Indian Army signed MoU on the Defence Salary Package?

           Ans- SBI

Q198. Who received lifetime achievement award at Seatrade 30th Anniversary?

           Ans- Ravi Mehrotra

Q199. Which Indian cricketer reached the milestone of playing 500 international matches during the second T20 International against England?

          Ans- Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Q200. Who has been appointed the chairperson of National Green Tribunal?

          Ans- Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel

Q201.When was World Chocolate Day celebrated all over the world?

         Ans- July 7

Q202. NASA’s _____, the mission that aims to get the closest to the Sun than ever by any human-made object has got its revolutionary heat shield “Thermal Protection System or TPS” permanently attached to the spacecraft?

          Ans- Parker Solar Probe

Q203. The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has developed a mobile app _____ to protect interest of consumers?

           Ans- GST Verify

Q204. India’s first biofortified sorghum (jowar) named _____ containing higher iron and zinc than regular sorghum was formally launched?

          Ans- Parbhani Shakti

Q205. Which entity launched a Centre of Excellence for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (CoE – DSAI) in collaboration with the Government of Karnataka, in Bengaluru?

          Ans- National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM)

Q206. The chief minister of which state set a “one person one car” policy for ministers and bureaucrats?

          Ans- West Bengal

Q207. which drug firm announced that it has got tentative nod from the US health regulator USFDA to market Deferasirox tablets?

           Ans- Zydus Cadila

Q208. Which of the following Company will acquire up to 51% stake in IDBI Bank?

           Ans- LIC

Q209. The Chief Minister of which state launched a campaign called 'Paudhgiri' to increase the green cover of the state? 

           Ans- Haryana

Q210. Which of the following is the partner country for the first Pondicherry International Film Festival going to held in sept 2018?

           Ans- Franc

Q211. Where is the 36th edition of the Vojvodina Youth Men Tournament held in 2018?

          Ans- Serbia

Q212. Which of the following country has signed the single market's biggest trade deal ever with European Union?

           Ans- Japan

Q213. Who among the following is the chairman of the committee set up to synergies NCC and NSS?

           Ans- Anil Sawrup

Q214. Who is the current record holder of India's national 400 meters Sprint Event?

          Ans- Muhammed Anas

Q215. What name is given to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic mascot?

           Ans- Someity

Q216. Which of the following country topped the team championship-2018 of the Jr Asian Wrestling Championship held in New Delhi?

          Ans- Iran

Q217. The Indra Sawhney v Union of India verdict of the supreme court was related to which of the following?

           Ans- Reservation in promotions to SC & ST

Q218. Who among the following became only the third Indian shuttler to secure a gold medal at the Badminton Asia Junior championship?

           Ans- Lakshya Sen

Q219. NASA recently announced a new probe called Parker Probe which will study.......?

          Ans- Sun

Q220. For which type of disabled people, the Election Commission launched voter identity cards?

          Ans- Visual Impact 

Q221. Which state going to host world kayaking tourney?

           Ans- Kerala

Q222. Name the world's first medicine made from marijuana?

           Ans- Epidiolex

Q223. Which country hosted the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit?

           Ans- China

Q224. Where did Behdienkhlam Festival held?

          Ans- Meghalaya

Q225. Which of the following Organisation will set up Gaming University in Andhra Pradesh?

           Ans- UNESCO

Q226. In which city NASSCOM launches Centre of Excellence for Data Science and AI?

           Ans- Bangalore

Q227. In which state 'Chai pe Charcha' campaign is launched?

           Ans- Haryana

Q228. Which of the following Bank's Mortgage Portfolio Crosses Rs. 1.5 trillion?

           Ans- ICICI

Q229. From which date Uttar Pradesh orders to ban plastic?

           Ans- July 15

Q230. Where does Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport is located?

           Ans- Srilanka

Q231. With which country India join hands to promote Tourism?

           Ans- Nepal

Q232. Who has bagged the top prize in the slogan/ tagline contest National Human Rights Commission?

           Ans- Tabrej Qureshi

Q233. Who has awarded Knowledge Excellence Award?

            Ans- T.K Chand

Q234. Who wins gold in Gymnastic World Cup?

            Ans- Dipa Karmakar

Q235. Who won British Grand Prix 2018?

           Ans- Sebastian Vettel

Q236. Name the Internet telephony service unveiled by BSNL?

           Ans- Wings

Q237. Which company becomes India's largest taxpayer in the private sector?

           Ans- RIL

Q238. Name the Bank which is most valuable bank in the emerging market outside China?

           Ans- HDFC

Q239. On the Bank of which river Narendra Modi inaugurated the 'Statue of Unity'?

           Ans- Narmada

Q240. What is the name of Semi high-speed train built by India's Integral Coach Factory?

           Ans- Train-18

Q241. In which country International Mango Festival is celebrating?

           Ans- India

Q242. Name company contribute Rs 200 crore to the Bengaluru Metro?

          Ans- Infosys

Q243. What is the theme for world population day?

           Ans- Family Planning is Good Human

Q244.On Which date Indian Railways will start a special train,'Shri Ramayana Express'?

          Ans- Nov 14

Q245. Which of the following color has discovered as the world's oldest colour?

          Ans- Bright Pink

Q246. Where did First ever 'India Tourism Mart' going to host?

          New Delhi

Q247. In which country World cities Summit 2018 held?

          Ans- Singapore

Q248. What is the Rank of India in the world's largest economy?

           Ans- 6

Q249. What is the rank of India in Global Innovation Index?

           Ans- 57

Q250. Who is the new ambassador of Tripura?

           Ans- Dipa Karmakar

Q251. Who is the new MD & CEO of Dhanlaxmi Bank?

          Ans- T Latha

Q252. By which of the following social media HDFC securities launched MF transactions?

           Ans- Facebook

Q253. In which state 'Seema Darshan' project was launched?

          Ans- Gujarat

Q254. Name the state that has launched 'Anna Canteens'?

           Ans- Andhra Pradesh

Q255. Mohammad Kaif related to which sports?

           Ans- Cricket

Q256. Who has been appointed as the head of Investment Banking for HSBC India?

          Ans- Amitabh Malhotra

Q257. Which payment bank has received approval from RBI for enrolling new customers?

          Ans- Airtel Payment Bank

Q258. SBI and NABARD have joined hands to provide collateral-free credit through Joint Liability Groups in which state?

          Ans- Telangana

Q259. Name the India's first turbine hypercar which is launched by Vazirani Automotive?

          Ans- Vazirani Shul

Q260. Where did Integrated Indian Visa Application Centre inarguated?

           Ans- Bangladesh

Q261. What is the rank of New Delhi's Connaught Place in the costliest office location? 

           Ans- 9

Q262. Which of the following state government constituted Heritage Cabinet?

           Ans- Odisha

Q263. Name the state that has topped other states in per capita revenue collection under GST?

          Ans- Haryana

Q264. Who is appointed as Directed General of the Indian Council World Affairs (ICWA)?

          Ans- T.C.A Raghavan

Q265. Who has become the third most followed world leader on twitter?

           Ans- Narendra Modi

Q266. Who is the new member of UN Human Rights Council?

           Ans- Iceland

Q267. Name the state government that launched 'Paudhagiri' campaign to increase green cover?

           Ans- Haryana

Q268. The bank which will organize 'Kisan Melas' at 875 rural and semi-rural branches spread across Karnataka on July 18?

           Ans- SBI

Q269. Who is the new brand ambassador of ITC's Sunfest Dark Fantasy?

          Ans- Alia Bhatt

Q270. Which of the following country has launched 300 low-orbit satellites named the Hongyan constellation?

           Ans- China

Q271. The organization that join hands with J&K to set up telemedicine centre at 12,7000 feet?

           Ans- ISRO

Q272. What is the mobile application launched by the Fertiliser major IFFCO to address all needs of the farming community associate with it?

           Ans- IFFCO iMandi

Q273. What is India's current GDP Growth Forecast according to IMF?

          Ans- 7.3

Q274. Who is 8-year-old Indian Boy named 'British Indian of the Year'?

           Ans- Ishwar Sharma

Q275. In which state Rath Yatra is celebrated?

           Ans- Odisha

Q276. Where does India's 1st Skill training centre going to setup?

           Ans- Odisha

Q277. With which country European Union signed major trade deal?

          Ans- Japan

Q278. Which of the following institute unveiled World's First Remotely Operable Microscope?

           Ans- IIT Madras

Q279. Where does next senior women's FIFA World Cup will be held?

           Ans- France

Q280. Who has to be named India's Chef de Mission at 2018 Asian Game?

           Ans- Brij Bhusan Saran Singh

Q33. The 17th World Police & Fire Games held at which of the following place?

        Ans- California, USA














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