8th April 2019 The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary
Uptick - (इजाफा) - a small increase

Synonyms: increase, gain, accretion, accrual, supplement

Antonyms: decrease, abatement, decrement, depletion

Example Sentence:

This year, there has been a mild uptick in annual inflation.


Erratic - (अनियमित) - uncertain, irregular

Synonyms: unreliable, changing, inconsistent, turbulent, variable, mutable, fitful, 

Antonyms: calm, regular, steady, reliable

Example Sentence:

Jack's behavior becomes erratic when he gets tired.


Dovish - supporting discussion, other peaceful solutions

Synonyms: Pacific, peaceable, conciliatory

Antonyms: militarist, aggressive, truculent, hawkish

Example Sentence:

Western Central Bank has turned dovish.


Nimble - (चतुर) - Quick and light in movement or action

Synonyms: deft, agile, brisk, lithe, adroit

Antonyms: sluggish, clumsy

Example Sentence:

Shyam has given a nimble performance. 


cripple - unable to walk or move properly

Synonyms: disable, debilitate, attenuate

Antonyms: enable, mobilize, capacitate

Example Sentence:

Her child got crippled by polio attack.


Notwithstanding - (बावजूद) - in spite of, despite

Synonyms: regardless, nevertheless, still, however

Antonyms: besides, along, in view of, whether

Example Sentence:

His frequent failures notwithstanding, he started afresh.

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