GA Questions Asked in LIC Assistants: 22nd Dec 2019

GA Questions Asked in LIC Assistant Mains on 22nd December 2019: Shift-1


Q1. Which minisry launched Food Safety Mitra Scheme?

Answer: Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare



Q2. Which state has launched "MO Sarkar" initiative?

Answer: Odisha



Q3. "Dharma Guardian" military exercise between India and-

Ans: Japan



Q4. Name the scheme launched by Andhra Pradesh Government for farmers.

Answer: YSR Rythu Bharosa



Q5. "Food Safety Mitra Scheme" launched by which ministry?

Answer: Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare



Q6. Which state has topped in NITI Aayog innovative index 2019?

Answer: Karnataka



Q7. Name the 12th richest city in India.

Answer - Mumbai



Q8. Who is the new president of BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India)?

Answer: - Sourav Ganguly



Q9. India wins SAFF U-15 Women's Championships 2019 by defeating which country?

Answer: Nepal



Q10. World Coffee Conference hosted by-?

Answer: Bengaluru



Q11. What is the meaning of "P" in STP in banking and finance?

Answer: Straight Through Processing



Q12. The Reserve Bank of India issued guidelines for "on tab" licensing of small finance bank. A minimum _________ net worth is needed for the licence of Small Finance Bank,

Answer: Rs 200 crore



Q13. Payment banks can convert into small finance bank after ____________ of operation.

Answer: five years



Q14. Which insurance company has launched "Trip protecter" insurance scheme?

Answer: HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company



Q15. Name the cricketer who joined Mastercard's onging efforts to build Team Cashless India:

Answer: MS Dhoni



Q16. Where is the world's first floating nuclear power plant?

Answer: Russia



Q17. With whom did NASA astronauts Christina Koch_____.

Answer: - Jessica Meir



Q18. Who has been appointed as the chairman of the steering committee of the Code for Responsible Lending (CRL) committee set up by RBI?

Answer: HR Khan



Q19. UNESCO Asia Pacific Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation 2019 was bagged by ______

Answer: Vikram Sarabhai Library from (IIM-Ahmedabad)



Q20. The Nationwide campaign " Team Cashless India" has beed initiated by which company?

Answer: Mastercard



Q21. UP state govt has organized India's 1st training and performance program of world famous _________

Answer: KHON Ramlila



Q22. Who is the head of jury of 50th IFFI festival held in Goa?

Answer: John Bailey



Q23. Who won the laueaus sportswoen of he year award 2019?

Answer: Simone Biles



Q24. Which year Baseball and soft ball removed from Olympics?

Answer: 2012



Q25. IFSC was first set up in which state in India?

Answer: Gadhinaga, Gujarat



Q26. Maharaj sayajirao University is located in which city?

Answer: Vadodara



Q27. Which feature is currently not presen in AePS?

Answer: - Virtual Card Creation



Q28. World studen day was observed on 15th October on the birthanniversary of __________

Answer: - APJ Abdul Kalam



Q29 NPS account can be opened by Indian citizens above the age of:

Answer: 18 years-65 years



Q30 Under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana accidential insurance cover for new RuPay card holder to be raised Rs 1 lakh to-

Answer: 2 lakh



Q31. Who created Individual Guinness World Recors for "The most full contact knee strikes".

Answer: Kiran Uniyal



Q32. Which state is biggest beneficiary of Sewa Service Train?

Answer: Tamil Nadu



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