Railway RPF SI Exam Analysis and Asked Questions on 19th December 2018

Railway RPF SI Exam Analysis 2018

Railway RPF SI Exam begins from 19th December 2018 and Today 19th Dec 2018 is the first day of this exam. There were no major changes in this exam. Many students appeared for this exam. Here we have given complete details about Railway RPF SI exam Analysis 2018 to understand the difficulty level of an Exam because It is necessary to get aware about the type of question and level of questions being asked in the exam so that you can get the idea about how to plan your strategy to attempt the question. this will help who are going to appear in the upcoming session. The RPF SI Exam consists of 3 sections - Numerical Ability, Reasoning and General Awareness. The overall exam timing is 90 minutes and for every wrong answer, 1/3rd marks will be deducted.



No. Of Questions No. Of Marks Duration

General Awareness

50 50 90 min
Arithmetic 35


General Intelligence & Reasoning

35 35


120 120  



 Mathematics was Easy to Moderate. There was 1 set of Bar Graph DI and 3 question was asked from DI. Miscellaneous Question was based on Geometry, Speed, time and Distance, Percentage, Profit and Loss, SI & CI, etc. 

No of Questions

Time and Work

Average & Percentage 2Q


Partnership 1Q
Speed and Distance 3Q
Number System 2Q-3Q
Geometry 1Q
Ratio & Proportion 1Q-2Q




S.I, CI, Profit/Loss  7Q-8Q


Reasoning Section was Moderate. There were 3 sets of Seating Arrangement. And 2 Questions asked from blood relation and 2 Questions from Inequality.

Topic No of Questions No of Questions
Series  5Q-6Q Easy-Moderate
Blood Relation 2Q   Easy
Inequality 2Q Easy-Moderate
Statement & Conclusion 4Q-5Q Moderate
Coding-Decoding 4Q-5Q Easy-Moderate
Non-Verbal (Image) 3Q-4Q Easy
Seating Arrangement 3Q Moderate
Miscellaneous 10Q Easy-Moderate
Total 35Q Easy-Moderate


General Awareness

Q1. Who heads the Ministry of Women and Child Development?

       Ans– Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

Q2.What is the Capital of Nepal?

      Ans– Kathmandu

Q3. Who is the Chief Minister of Haryana?

      Ans– Manohar Lal Khattar

Q4. Who is the first person to enter the space?

      Ans– Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin 

Q5. Who discovered the X-rays?

      Ans– Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen

Q6. Who is the Prime Minister of Isreal?

      Ans– Benjamin Netanyahu

Q7. Where did youth Olympic held?

       Ans– Argentina

Q8. River Thames is located in?

       Ans- London

Q9. What is the Currency of Cambodia?

       Ans- Cambodian Riel

Q10.Who is the 15th Finance Commission Chairman?

       Ans- Nand Kishor Singh

Q11. What is Atomic Number and Atomic Mass of Gallium

        Ans- Atomic Number- 31 , Atomic Mass - 69

Q12. What is the Capital of Assam

         Ans- Dispur

Q13. Deuce terminology is related to?

         Ans- Tennis

Q14. What is the fomula of Momentum?

         Ans- Momentum= m*v

Q15. Which state has the maximum Number of Lok Sabha Constituency?

         Ans- Uttar Pradesh

Q16. Which is the highest Rank in Army?

Q17. Laxman Temple was made by?

        Ans- Yashoverman

Q18.Bodhisattva term is related to?

        Ans- Buddhism

Q19. Who is the inventor of Revolver?

         Ans- Samuel Colt

Q20. Khajuraho Temple was made by whom?

         Ans- Chandella

Q21. Light year is the unit of?

          Ans- length

Q22. Who has the authority to disqualify the term of Member of Parliament?

         Ans- President

Q23. Which of the following is the death anniversary of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru?

         Ans- 27 May, 1964

Q24. Blue Revolution was held in?

Q25. Who is the Chairman of 15th Finance Commission?

        Ans- Nand Kishor Singh

Q26. Where did the Indigo Revolt take place in India?

         Ans– Bengal

Q27. To whom does the President present his resignation letter?

          Ans- Vice President

Q28. Which state has the maximum state in Lok Sabha?

         Ans- UP

Q29. Who is the President of Selection Committee of Indian Cricket Team?

Q30. Author of Book " A century is Not Enough: My Roller Coaster Ride to Success"

         Ans- Sourav Ganguly

Q31. Who can dissolve the Lok Sabha before time?

Q32. Who is the first women principal head of RBI?

         Ans- Sudha Balakrishnan

Q33. Who is the President of BCCI?

         Ans– C.K. Khanna

Q34. Who is the Chairman of 15th Finance Commission?

         Ans– N. K. Singh

Q35. What is the nick name of Adam Gilchrist?

         Ans– Gilly

Q36. Who is the writer/author of “My journey”?

         Ans– APJ Ab

Q37. Where was 1929 Congress session held?


Q1.X x 30% x 5% = 18, then find x/3=?

Q2. 3/4, 6/5, 9/10 - Find out the HCF

Q3. A man spends 1/4 of his income on food, 2/3 of his income on house rent and remaining Rs. 630 is saved. Find the amount of house rent.

Q4. If the Radius of a circle is made 6 times, find out the effect on Perimeter?

Q5. If a Sum of money becomes double in 2 years, then in how many years it will become 16 times with compound interest.


Railway RPF SI Exam 2018: Good Attempt


Good Attempt





General Awareness



78 - 95 Questions


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