The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: 5th February 2020

Ripple (verb) - oscillate, swing, stir, wave (लहर)

Evoke (Verb) -  shout, awaken, induce, arouse (प्रेरित करना)

Mobilised (verb) - organize, regiment, team up with coalesce (जुटाए)

Vibrant (adj) - dapper, strong,  lively, energetic, dynamic (जीवंत)

Forefront (noun) - front line, Afore (सबसे आगे)

Slumber (noun ) - sleep, nap, blink, rest (नींद)

 Incendiary (adj) - provoking, stimulating, agitational, firefly(आग लगानेवाला)

Vilification (noun) - condemnation, criticism, censure (गालियां देना)

Reconciliation (noun) - resolution, Compromise, treaty(सुलह)

Arbitrary (adj)- unreasonable, illogical, groundless, casual (मनमाना)


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