The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: 11th February 2020

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jurisprudence (noun) - theology, lawmaking, deontology, divinity, law book, jurisprudence (धर्मशास्र)

Ex - A theory of secularism could be built on ancient jurisprudence.  

Anecdote (noun) - anecdote, episode, legend (उपाख्यान)

Ex - An anecdote will bear this out.

Malevolent (adjective) - evil, rogue, nasty, malevolent, felonious, depraved (दुष्ट)

Ex - He put on his usual malevolent expression.  

Inescapable (adjective) - unavoidable, Indispensable, Inevitable, overwhelming, Indefeasible, Irremovable (अपरिहार्य)

Ex - Given the situation this demand is inescapable.

Perceptible (adjective) - glaring, palpable, vivid, conspicious, Categorical, perceptible (सुस्पष्ट)

Ex - A faint hope was beginning to dawn, barely perceptible.  

Eschew (verb) - eschew, proscribe, deny, cede, disclaim, part from (त्याग करना)

Ex- He wanted the people to be self-reliant, to eschew ostentation. 

Consonance (noun) - accord, consonance (तालमेल) 

Capricious (adjective) - capricious, prankish, maggoty (मौजी)

Ex - She was capricious, superstitious, irritable and cruel.

Pragmatic (adjective) - saucy, insolent, pragmatical, impudent, barefaced, pragmatic (धृष्ट)

Solidify (verb) - solidify, gravitate, ground, place, state, seat (स्थिर करना)



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