The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: 12th February 2020

IDangal247 presents The Hindu Vocab on a daily basis which will benefit you in all Competitive examinations. It is very essential to read and memories vocab on a daily basis to score good marks in English Section.

peculiar ( adjective) - special, particular, exclusive, exceptional, peculiar, distinctive (विशेष)

Ex - A native writer is under a peculiar disadvantage.  

substantive (adjective) - original, seminal, substantive, moulik, component, in the seminal state (मौलिक)

Ex - All motions need not necessarily be substantive.  

maverick (noun) - tourist, hobo, camper, maverick, kern, stroller (पर्यटक)

Ex - Kiran Bedi was a maverick police officer; she even issued a traffic ticket to the prime minister. 

enchantment (noun) - charm, phantasm, enchantment, delusion, illusion, pipe dream (मोह)

Ex - By striking at the root of British prestige its enchantment was to be dispelled.  

deploy (verb) - open, unwind, unzip, unscrew, unpack, deploy (खोलना)

Ex - A work plan to use or deploy the man power.  

exaggeration (noun) - exaggeration, hyperbole, superlative, hyperbola, stretcher (अतिशयोक्ति)

Inchoate (adjective) - Incomplete, Imperfect, rough-wrought, Inconclusive, Inchoate, scketchy (अपूर्ण)

Ex - An inchoate instrument may be completed in a reasonable time to make it enforceable.  

pander (verb) - encourage, connive, pander, spirit (बढ़ावा देना)

Ex - They pander to the vices of humanity and mean a waste of good cultivable soil and good money.  

Indiscreet (adjective) - pricipitate, rash, ill-advised, Indiscriminate, Indiscreet (अविचारी)

Outlay (noun) - expense, expenditure, Exes, out go, re-distribution of charge, outlay (खर्च)

Ex - A major portion of the loan assistance has been given to oil companies for meeting capital outlay of plan projects.  

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