The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: 13th February 2020

IDangal247 presents The Hindu Vocab on a daily basis which will benefit you in all Competitive examinations. It is very essential to read and memories vocab on a daily basis to score good marks in English Section.

Unduly (Adverb) - extremely, most, unduly, unconscionable, Extreme, superlative (अत्यन्त)

Ex - But Gandhi was not unduly elated.  

Illicit (Adjective) - Illegal, unlawful, illegal action, illegal lockout, Illegitimate (अवैध)

discrimination (Noun) - discrimination, differentiation, partiality, partisanship (भेदभाव)

Ex - All discrimination based on race must go.  

Evade (verb) - abstain, evade, escape, elude, flinch, steer clear of (बचना)

Ex - It is possible for us to evade the effects of karma by extraordinary exertions. 

Resentment (Noun) - resentment, Wrath, Indignation, umbrage, sulkiness, exasperation (रोष)

Ex - As soon as I said this, all my resentment died down.  

Bickering (Verb) - purl, bicker  (कलह)

Ex - Courage and sacrifice and faith in each other give place to meanness and bickering and foul suspicion.  

Vigorous (Adjective) - vigorous, bumper, Cogent, flourishy (ज़ोरदार)

Ex - A vigorous compaign was set afoot.  

Curbing (Verb) - control, take control, handle, check out, curb (नियंत्रण करना)

Cogent (Adjecive) - solid, concrete, convincing, firm, hard, cogent (ठोस)

Ex - His analysis was always cogent and his sharp repartee often enlivened the debates.  

Lethal (Adjective) - Deadly, lethal, Fatal, biocidal, pestiferous, bad for (घातक)

Ex - Acids are reported to be lethal to fish and other forms of aquatic life.

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