The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: 14th February 2020

IDangal247 presents The Hindu Vocab on a daily basis which will benefit you in all Competitive examinations. It is very essential to read and memories vocab on a daily basis to score good marks in English Section.

detention (Noun) - detention, control, condom, prevention, preclusion, repression (निरोध)

Ex - A minister from the neighbouring country was kept under detention.  

Nous (Noun) - brain, head, mind, psyche (बुद्धि)

Glimpse (Noun) - inkling, glimpse, phantom, inkle, phantasm, shadow (आभास)

Ex - A glimpse of infection in Ahmedabad.  

Leverage (Noun) - leverage, levitation, heave, lifting (उत्तोलन)

Ex - This was done to enable NABARD to increase its leverage.  

Elude (Verb) - abstain, evade, escape, elude, flinch, steer clear of (बचना)

Ex - Science may be on the verge of discovering vital mysteries, which yet may elude it.  

Offset (Verb) - complete, sate, keep, effectuate, cope with, offset (पूरा करना)

Ex - A reserve stock of commodity to offset price fluctuations.  

Ignoramus (Noun) - fool, stupid, idiot, moron, goof, ignoramus (मूर्ख)

desperate (Adjective) - downcast, dispirited, desperate, heartsick, downward, dead-alive (मायूस)

Ex - A marriage ceremony, arranged in desperate haste is described.  

veracity (Noun) - reality, veracity, sincerity, righteousness, honesty, legitimacy (सच्चाई)

Ex - I doubt the veracity of his statement.  

Cohesive (Adjective) - cohesive, cementing, bracing, osculant, associative (जोड़नेवाला)

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