The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: 14th September 2020


EXPEDITE (VERB): (शीघ्र) make (an action or process) happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly.

Synonyms: accelerate, hasten

Antonyms: delay

Example Sentence:

He promised to expedite economic reforms.


CONTRACT (VERB): (सिकुड़न) decrease in size, number, or range.

Synonyms: shrink, decrease

Antonyms: expand

Example Sentence:

Agricultural output has contracted by 2.3 percent.


ALBEIT (CONJ.): (यद्यपि) in spite of the fact that

Synonyms: while, though

Example Sentence:

He was making progress, albeit rather slowly.


DISSIPATE (VERB): (of a person or way of life) overindulging in sensual pleasures.

Synonyms: dissolute, debauched

Antonyms: ascetic

Example Sentence:

His anger dissipated as the situation became clear.


TELLTALE (ADJ.): revealing, indicating, or betraying something.

Synonyms: giveaway, leak

Antonyms: conceal

Example Sentence:

These are some of the telltale signs of termites.


ABIDING (ADJ.): (of a feeling or memory) lasting a long time; enduring.

Synonyms: persisting, lifelong

Antonyms: short-lived

Example Sentence:

He had an abiding respect for her


ATTEST (VERB): (संपुष्टि करना)witness or certify formally.

Synonyms: confirm, affirm

Antonyms: disprove

Example Sentence:

The witnesses must attest and sign the will in the testator's presence.

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