The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: 15th February 2020

IDangal247 presents The Hindu Vocab on a daily basis which will benefit you in all Competitive examinations. It is very essential to read and memories vocab on a daily basis to score good marks in English Section.

Controversy (Noun) - dispute, controversy, contention, brawl, issue, jarring (विवाद)

Ex - A controversy regarding the new and the old raged.  

Espouse (Verb) - espouse, speed, redound, patronize, relieve, aid (सहायता देना)

Ex -  We shall espouse them to wide-eyed houris.  

Regime (Noun) - rule, regime, governance, government, domination, kingship (शासन)

Feckless (Adjective) - useless, idle, vain, unusable, unnecessary, feckless (बेकार)

Saunter (Noun) - promenade, drive, trip, excursion, round trip, saunter (सैर)

Ex - A careless leisurely gait

Whimsical (Adjective) - whimsical, freak, eccentric, batty, crotchety, viewy (सनकी)

Ex - His mother said he was a little whimsical

Pegged (Verb) - merge, peg away, peg, plug away at, fag, go deeply into (लीन होना)

Ex - Bank borrowings have been pegged at the last years peak level.  

Agitation (Noun) - movement, agitation, campaign, drive (आंदोलन)

Vigorous (Adjective) - vigorous, bumper, Cogent, flourishy (ज़ोरदार)

Ex - A vigorous compaign was set afoot.  

Wallop (Noun) -  poke, thump, jab, strike, dub, wallop (प्रहार)

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