The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: 16th February 2020

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Maverick (Noun) - tramp, hobo, maverick, drifter, vagabond, stroller (आवारा)

Ex - Kiran Bedi was a maverick police officer; she even issued a traffic ticket to the prime minister.  

Outright (Adverb) - only, baldly, genuinely, outright, plain, square (दिल खोलकर)

Ex - Curiously enough, probably no one would claim to favor force-feed education outright.  

Perpetrated (Noun) - sin, perpetrate, transgress, go wrong, commit sin (पाप करना)

Ex - Evil is the example of the people who reject Our signs as false and perpetrate wrong against their own selves.  

Mourn (Verb) - mourn, lament, sigh, pine, deplore, yammer (विलाप करना)

Ex - I will not mourn the dead with murder nor suicide.  

Escalate (Verb) - quicken, exacerbate, intensify, sharpen, escalate (तीव्र करना)

Ex - Her mother is now worried about this and concerned that Sally will escalate her drinking.  

Starved (Adjective) -  famish, starve, get hungry, clem, hunger-strike (भूखों मरना)

Ex - He is starved and very weak.  

Lapses (Noun) - lapse, default, muff, fail, gaffe, bloomer (चूक)

Dissemination (Noun) - publicity, propaganda, propagation, dissemination, spreading, promulgation (प्रचार)

Ex - A system in which wide dissemination of information and freedom is available. 

Ostensibly (Adverb) - ostensibly, avowedly, saliently, notoriously, manifestly (प्रकट रूप से)

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