The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: 17th August 2020


1. ORATORICAL (ADJ.): (भाषण-संबंधी) relating to the art or practice of public speaking.

Synonyms: rhetorical, grandiloquent

Antonyms: unadorned

Example Sentence:

His academic pedigree is shaky and his oratorical skills are rough.


2. ATTENTIVE (ADJ.): (सचेत) paying close attention to something.

Synonyms: awake, perceptive

Antonyms: oblivious

Example Sentence:

Never before had she had such an attentive audience.


3. SPUR (VERB): (प्रेरणा) give an incentive or encouragement to (someone).

Synonyms: stimulate, propel

Antonyms: discouragement

Example Sentence:

Her sons' passion for computer games spurred her on to set up a software business.


4. GALVANISE (VERB): (प्रेरित करना) shock or excite (someone) into taking action.

Synonyms: spur, motivate

Antonyms: demotivate

Example Sentence:

The urgency of his voice galvanized them into action.


5. PULPIT (NOUN): (मंच) a raised enclosed platform.

Synonyms: stage, podium

Example Sentence:

Many ministers delivered political guidance from their pulpits.


6. GLOSSED OVER (PHRASAL VERB): to avoid considering something, such as an embarrassing mistake, to make it seem not important, and to quickly continue talking about something else.

Example Sentence:

She glossed over the company's declining profits.


7. ABJECT (ADJ.): (अधम) (of something bad) experienced or present to the maximum degree.

Synonyms: grovelling, obsequious

Antonyms: proud

Example Sentence:

His letter plunged her into abject misery.


8. REITERATE (VERB): (बार बार दुहराना) say something again or a number of times

Synonyms: repeat, restate

Antonyms: cancel

Example Sentence:

She reiterated that the government would remain steadfast in its support.


9TRIUMPH (NOUN): (विजय) a great victory or achievement.

Synonyms: conquest, success

Antonyms: defeat

Example Sentence:

Her triumph was a cause for celebration.


10. STIFLING (ADJ.): (दम घुटनेवाला) suffocating.

Synonyms: sweltering, oppressive

Antonyms: chilly

Example Sentence:

He needed to get out of this stifling atmosphere and breathe some fresh air.


11. EXPLORATION (NOUN): (अन्वेषण) thorough examination of a subject.

Synonyms:  investigation, search


Example Sentence:

Some changes in the care-giving situation may need exploration.


12. SCURRILOUS (ADJ.): (अपमानजनक) humorously insulting.

Synonyms: abusive, derogatory

Antonyms: polite

Example Sentence:

Her scurrilous performances have already condemned her.


13. MALICE (NOUN): (द्वेष) the desire to harm someone

Synonyms: malevolence, animosity

Antonyms: benevolence

Example Sentence:

I bear no malice towards anybody.


14. ADJUDICATE (VERB):(निर्णय करना) make a formal judgement on a disputed matter.

Synonyms: arbitrate, adjudge

Antonyms: defer

Example Sentence:

The Committee adjudicates on all betting disputes.


15. SCRUTINISE (VERB): (जाँचना) examine or inspect closely and thoroughly.

Synonyms: inspect, study


Example Sentence:

Customers were warned to scrutinize the small print.


16. DECIPHER (VERB): (समझाना) succeed in understanding, interpreting, or identifying (something).

Synonyms: discern, decode

Antonyms: encode

Example Sentence:

Visual signals help us decipher what is being communicated.


17. CANDID (ADJ.): (निष्कपट) truthful and straightforward; frank.

Synonyms: forthright, honest

Antonyms: insincere

Example Sentence:

His responses were remarkably candid.


18. DELIBERATION (NOUN): (विवेचना) long and careful consideration or discussion.

Synonyms: thinking, consideration

Antonyms: haste

Example Sentence:

After much deliberation, we arrived at a compromise.

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