The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: 18th June 2020

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uncharted (Adjective) - induced, uncharted, undecisive, unauthorized, undecided. (मना हुआ)

Ex - We are trying to chart uncharted seas. (हम इस तरह उन सागरों की थाह ले रहे हैं। )

disengage (Verb) - wear, unbind, disengage, release, pretermit, help out. (छुड़ाना)

befitting (Adjective0 - Eligible, calculated, befitting, expendiential, concinnous, apposite. (उपयुक्त)

Ex - Akshaykumar justified the choice in a most befitting way. (अक्षयकुमार बहुत ही उपयुक्त संपादक सिद्ध हुए।

apprise (Verb) - herald, acquaint, communicate, notice, tell, apprise. (सूचना देना)

Ex - He was given an apprise of tour cancellation by the company. (उसे कंपनी द्वारा दौरे रद्द होने की सुचना दी गयी। )

reaffirmed (Verb) - prove, endorse, reaffirm, bear out, verify, vindicate. (साबित करना)

Ex - I would very strongly like to reaffirm that this is not true. (मैं पूरे जोर से कहना चाहूंगी कि ऐसा कुछ नहीं किया जाता। )

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