The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: 26th December 2019

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Doublespeak (noun) - deliberately euphemistic, ambiguous, or obscure language (द्विअर्थी)

Mellow (verb) - make or become mellow; relax; calm

Roll out (phrasal) - launch, introduce, inaugurate

Contention (noun) - heated disagreement (विवाद)

Fear-mongering (noun) - the action of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue

Disingenuous (adj) - dishonest, deceitful (कपटी)

lame (adj) - feeble, weak, flimsy, poor

Disenfranchisement (noun) - the state of being deprived of a right or privilege, especially the right to vote (मताधिकार)

Dispensation (noun) - administration; system; organization (व्यवस्था)

Infiltrator (noun) - secret agent, informer, intruder (घुसपैठिया)

Ironical (adj.) - paradoxical, incongruous, strange, weird (विडम्‍बना युक्‍त)

Reiterate (verb) - say something again or a number of times (दोहराना)

Strident - (of a sound) loud and harsh; in an excessively forceful way (कठोर)

Desist (verb) - stop doing something; cease or abstain (रोकना)

Denigrate (verb) - criticize unfairly; disparage (बदनाम करना)

Redeem (verb) - compensate for the faults or bad aspects of (छुड़ाना)

Menacing (adj) - suggesting the presence of danger; threatening (खतरनाक)

Precarious (adj) - dependent on chance; uncertain (अनिश्चित)

Forthwith (adv) - immediately; without delay (तत्काल)

Intimately (adv) - in a way that involves detailed knowledge (घनिष्टता से)

Foreseeable (adj) - able to be forseen or predicted (निकट)

Renege (verb) - go back on a promise, undertaking, or contract (इनकार)

Ameliorate (verb) - make better (सुधारना)


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