The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: 8th February 2020

Arbitrary (adj) - unmotivated, unreasonable, unjustified, based on random choice (मनमाना)

Example - The company has been the subject of an arbitrary take-over


Rhetoric (noun) - the art of effective, loftiness, persuasive speaking, power of speech (भाषण कला)

Example - He has toned down his rhetoric of late


Malevolent (adj) - bitter, hostile, vengeful, showing a wish to do evil to others (दुष्ट)

Example - I could feel his malevolent gaze as I walked away.


Vilification (noun) - defamation, censure, criticism, abusively disparaging speech (तिरस्कार करना)

Example - She condemned her relentless vilification by the press.


Arrogate (verb) - assume, take, claim (something) without justification (हथियाना)

Example - They arrogate to themselves the power to punish people.


Indiscreet (adj) - unwise, impolitic, incautious, irresponsible (असावधानीपूर्ण)

Example - They have been rather indiscreet about their affair.


Perturb (verb) - concern, disturb, trouble, make (someone) anxious, unsettled (घबड़ा देना)

Example - They were perturbed by hr capricious behaviour.


Ephemeral (adj) - cursory, Temporary, Short-lived, transient, lasting for a very short time (अल्पकालिक)

Example -The nature of train drinking is an ephemeral pleasure.


Ameliorate (verb) - improve, upgrade, better, boost, raise, amend (सुधारना)

Example - He expected me to do something to ameliorate his depression


Orchestrate (verb) - arrange, set up, adapt, organize, plan (योजना बनाना)

Example - He was orchestrating the second act of his opera.

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