The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: 7th August 2020


1. STRAY (VERB): (भटका हुआ) move away aimlessly

Synonyms: wander, deviate

Antonyms: stick

Example Sentence:

Dog owners are urged not to allow their dogs to stray.


2. INADVERTENTLY (ADV. ): (अनजाने में) without intention; accidentally.

Synonyms: unintentionally, unwittingly

Antonyms: deliberately

Example Sentence:

His name had been inadvertently omitted from the list.


3.  AMPLE (ADJ.): (प्रचुर) enough or more than enough; plentiful.

Synonyms: abundant, sufficient

Antonyms: insufficient

Example Sentence:

There is ample time for discussion.


4. REPATRIATE (VERB): (स्वदेश भेजना) to send or bring (someone) back to their own country.

Example Sentence:

The government repatriated him because he had no visa.


5. CONFISCATE (VERB): (ज़ब्त करना) take or seize (someone's property) with authority.

Synonyms: impound, distrain

Antonyms: return

Example Sentence:

The guards confiscated his camera.


6. HAVOC (NOUN): (विनाश) widespread destruction.

Synonyms: ruination, ravage

Antonyms: development

Example Sentence:

The earthquake wreaked havoc on the city.


7. PONDER (VERB): (विचार करना) think about (something) carefully,

Synonyms: consider, review

Antonyms: overlook

Example Sentence:

I pondered the question of what clothes to wear for the occasion.


8. BELITTLE (VERB): (मूल्य घटना) dismiss (someone or something) as unimportant.

Synonyms: depreciate, downgrade

Antonyms: praise

Example Sentence:

She belittled Amy's riding skills whenever she could.


9. PURSUE (VERB): (पीछा करना) follow or chase (someone or something).

Synonyms: ensue

Antonyms: avoid

Example Sentence:

The officer pursued the van.


10. KEEN (ADJ.): (उत्सुक) having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm.

Synonyms: desirous, willing

Antonyms: reluctant

Example Sentence:

The old fellow turned his eyes on him with a keen look.

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