The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: 7th February 2020

Fiduciary (noun) - involving trust, escrow, trust  (ज़िम्मेदार व्यक्ति)

Example - A court-appointed fiduciary has managed the trust for five years.


Proviso (noun) - condition, clause, rider, rule  (नियम)

Example - He accepted the job with one proviso, he would alone.


Unleash (verb) - let loose, release, unbridle, set free (खोलना)

Example - They have unleashed forces they can't control.


Accommodative (adj) - helpful, considerate, thoughtful, accommodating (उदार)

Example - She was understanding, patient, accommodative, and always had a solution to all problems.


Explicitly (adverb) - in a clear and detailed manner, unequivocally, without any doubt (स्पष्ट रूप से)

Example - I gave them explicit directions on how to get here.


Forbearance (noun) - endurance, forgiveness, restraint and tolerance (क्षमा)

Example - His Forbearance and patience were not rewarded in this case.


Yearn (verb) - desire strongly, crave, covet, lust, (इच्छा करना)

Example - They yearned over their delicate child.


Delegation (noun) - a body of delegates, deputation, assignment, representatives (प्रतिनिधि-मंडल)

Example - He was nominated as the delegation's official interpreter.


Jabber (verb) - excited, talk in rapid, patter, chat, (गपशप करना)

Example - He likes to jabber a lot

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