Question Paper from: IBPS Clerk Mains 2016

A government survey released today shows that 80% of the people who fly are satisfied with the service they receive from the airlines in this country. Three interviewers stood outsideƒ the major airport and asked people leaving the terminal, “Do you have any complaints about the flight you just got off?” Only 20 percent responded “yes!” Which of the following, if true, would most undermine the conclusion of the argument above?


One percent of the people approached by the interviewers refused to respond to their inquiries


The interviewers were able to speak to only 70 percent of the people leaving the terminal, but those people were selected at random.


For six months following the day of the interviews, no official complaints were filled by any passenger with the Federal agency that regulated the airlines.


Sixty percent of the people coming out of the airline terminal were not people who had just gotten off a flight.


The interviewers began their inquiry just after passengers were discharged from the flight that was 40 minutes late.

Chapter Name: Statement and Argument

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