Question Paper from: IBPS Clerk Mains 2016

Two buses A and B start their journey from the same depot but not necessary in the same order. The bus A starts moving 6 km towards the north direction to point P then take a right turn and move 18km to reach point R, then take a left turn and move 12km to reach point S. Point P, Q, and R lies in the same line. The distance between P and Q is half of the distance between point Q and R. Bus B starts to move toward west 2km more than point Q and R from the depot and reach point W then take a right turn and walk 18km to reach point U. U, V, and W lie in the same line as a distance of V and W is double of the distance between U and V. from point U bus B take a right turn and reach point S. Point T lies between U and S in exact midway.

In which direction is the point T with respect to point W?






North Wes


North East


South West.

Chapter Name: Direction and Distance
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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