Question Paper from: IBPS PO Mains 2017

Eight family members namely I, J, K, L, M, N, O and P are living in an 8-floor building. Only one person stays on one floor. All persons are going to Gym on different time i.e. 6.45 a.m, 7.10 a.m, 8 p.m, 6.30 a.m, 8.30 p.m, 9 p.m, 6 a.m and 8.30 a.m. Also each person eats different fruits before to going gym. Fruits are i.e. Apple, Guava, Banana, Mango, Pineapple, Grapes, Orange and Litchi, but not necessarily in the same order. L’s maternal aunt does not live on the 8th and 1st floor. The person, who eats Banana, lives on the fifth floor. L’s grandmother eats Banana and L’s uncle eats Litchi. K is the wife of I and she has only one child. The person, who eats Banana, does not go gym on 7.10 a.m. The person, who goes gym on 6.30 a.m, lives on an even-number floor. The person, who goes gym on 6.45 a.m, is a brother of I. O is the sister-in-law of I. L’s grandmother has one brother. The person, who goes gym on 6 a.m, lives on the top floor. The person, who eats Grapes lives between K and L’s grandmother. O eats Mango and M’s husband’s brother-in-law eats Guava. M is the mother of I. The person, who eats Litchi, goes gym on 6.45 a.m and he does not stay on the fifth floor. The person, who goes on 8.30 p.m, lives on the 7th floor. N is the father of J, who is the uncle of L. K’s father-in-law eats Apple and lives on the 6th floor. The person, who eats Orange, goes gym on 8 p.m and lives on the 3rd floor. The person, who eats Pineapple, lives on the 1st floor. I’s child and the one, who goes on 8.30 a.m, lives on even-numbered floor.

If L is the husband of R, then how is R related to K’s husband?

Can’t be determined
Chapter Name: Puzzles
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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