Question Paper from: IBPS PO Mains 2017

Train A started from point P for Q and after one hour, another train B with speed 20 km/h more than that of train A also started from point P for Q. Two hours after starting, train B crossed train A at point R. 10 hours after crossing train A, Train B reached Q and started its return journey from Q to P without any delay. This time, both the trains crossed each other at point S. (2 Marks)

Quantity I: The distance between point P and R.

Quantity II: The distance between point Q and S.

Quantity 1> Quantity 2
Quantity 1< Quantity 2
Quantity 1> Quantity 2
Quantity 1< Quantity 2
Quantity 1= Quantity 2 or No relation
Chapter Name: Quadratic Equation
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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