Question Paper from: RBI Assistant Mains 2017

The concepts of equality, reasonableness and liberty which underpin the social contract which gives rise to the Indian Constitution are not _____(25)_____black letters of the law. They are more than mere limitations on state power in favour of individuals. By themselves, they are at _____(26)_____ very best when they are put into motion by positive actions by regulators and governments. To achieve these ______(27)______ , there is a necessity to popularise the constitutional doctrine in ways and methods which seem immediate and cater to the daily ____(28)_____ of the modern world.

(I) objectives

(II) deal

(III) thought



Only I 


Only II


Both II & III


Only III


All Combination fit

Chapter Name: complete the sentence
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This has been asked in Question Paper

RBI Assistant Mains 2017


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(I) mere

(II) simple

(III) bare

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(II) their

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