Question Paper from: RBI Assistant Mains 2017

Over recent decades, around 800 women in Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Odisha have been killed for practising witchcraft. Fortunately, _____________________ . Faith healers, on occasion, inflict physical injury to exorcise spirits or cure ailments. The supporters of the recent law in Karnataka that aims to prevent “inhuman evil practices and black magic” across religions cite other practices like branding children with heated objects and using spurious surgical methods to change the gender of a foetus. Lacking access to proper health care, it is poor, it is argued, who fall victim to such methods. The new legislation also forbids made-snana, a ritual where devotees from across castes roll over the leftover food of Brahmins in certain temples to cure themselves of skin diseases


The superstitions of modern societies haven’t invited the same activist zeal.


Is law the best means of addressing such practices?


An anti-superstition law may seem necessary, but it cannot take cognisance of all realities.


laws that aim to prevent this practice exist


The initial draft of the bill was prepared by experts at the National Law School University, Bengaluru.

Chapter Name: Coherent Paragraph
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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RBI Assistant Mains 2017


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