Question Paper from: SBI Clerk mains 2016

" Eight friends— P, Q, R, S, T, V, W and Z, out of whom one is a pilot, professor, businessman, doctor, lawyer, banker, cricketer or an architect (but not necessarily in the same order), are sitting around a circular table, facing the centre. S, who is a banker sits third to the right of Z. The professor and the architect are immediate neighbours of each other. Neither the professor nor the architect is an immediate neighbour of either Z or S. The one who is a professor sits second to the right of T, who is a lawyer. V, who is a cricketer, is not an immediate neighbour of the banker. Cricketer and the pilot are immediate neighbours of each other. Neither Z nor W is a pilot. Only R sits between the professor and the doctor. P sits third to the right of the pilot."

What is the position of the businessman with respect to the pilot?

Third to the left
Second to the left
Immediately to the right
Fourth to the right
Second to the right
Chapter Name: Seating Arrangement
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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SBI Clerk mains 2016

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