Question Paper from: SBI Clerk Prelims 2016

Seven neighbours S, P, L, Q, R, M and I live on different floors in the same building having seven floors numbered one to seven. (The first floor is numbered one, the floor above it is numbered two and so on and the topmost floor is numbered as seven.)

Three persons live between I and M. M lives on the floor above S, who does not live on an odd-numbered floor. P is neither live on odd number nor topmost floor. I do not live on the first floor. Two persons live between R and S. Q lives neither on the first floor nor on the fourth floor.

Which of the following combinations is true?

First floor-S
Fourth floor-R
Third floor-M
Sixth floor-I
None of these
Chapter Name: Puzzles
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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SBI Clerk Prelims 2016

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