Question Paper from: SBI Clerk Prelims 2016

(A) Some of my most cherished memories are of my puppies fighting with cushions, the sun playing hide ’n’ seek with the clouds, or me racing for that last bite of the dessert.

(B) Photos are a return ticket to memories otherwise lost. Much like a forgotten song on the radio or a specific scent, photographs help us travel back in time.

(C) They help me smile on a bad day and laugh out loud on a good one. One thing they most certainly do is turn your home into a cosy haven of love and joy.

(D) These moments stay captured through the lens of my old Polaroid. I’ve framed them, stuck them on the refrigerator and inside cupboard doors.

(E) The most beautiful things in life are rarely just things. Instead, they are people, places, memories, and pictures – odd selfies and awkward angles included.

(F) I call myself a ‘click-happy’ person. My thumb is permanently placed on the click button, lest the crazy grin on my son’s face disappears

Which of the following should be the SECOND sentence after the rearrangement?

Chapter Name: Sentence rearrangement
Difficulty Level: Easy

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