Question Paper from: SBI PO Mains 2017

Competition in the e - commerce sector
A) All of us want to come out on top. We want to see others subordinated to our superiority. Our goal is to dominate. If you do not secretly, or overtly, harbor this desire, then you should not be in e-commerce. If you see some good ideas, note them, and implement them on your own site.
B) If you want to beat your competition, you are going to have to establish the best supply chain and maintain the best wholesaler relationships. This does not always mean the cheapest source. If you choose the cheapest wholesaler or distributor, you may end up compromising on quali ty or reliability.
C) The market for e -commerce solutions is extremely competitive and we may find ourselves unable to compete effectively. Because there are relatively low barriers to entry in the e-commerce market, we expect continued intense competition as current competitors expand their product offerings and new competitors enter the market.
Only B
Only C
Both A and B
All A, B, C
None of the above
Chapter Name: Reading Comprehension
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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SBI PO Mains 2017


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