Question Paper from: SBI PO Mains 2017

There are ten exams to be conducted from 9 to 13 of a month. There are two time slots for every day, morning slot and evening slot. The maximum marks of these exams are from 70 to 160. The maximum marks of every subject are unique. The time durations of the exams is from the range of 1hr to 5hr. The time duration is also unique for each subject. The subjects are Math, English, Physics, Bio,Chemistry,Economics,History,Home Science,Geography and Accounts. The first exam is of math and of 2hrs. The time duration of last exam is 15 minutes more than first exam. The exam of English is of 80 marks and on the same day of the exam of math. Total marks of the exams of first day are 180 marks. There are two exams between history and accounts. The last exam is of accounts and of 110 marks. There are three exams between English and the exam which is of 90 marks. The exam of physics is in morning and it is on an even date. The exam of 3hr and 5hr are on the same day. The sum of timings of math and physics is 5hr. The exam of 130 marks and 90 marks are on the same day. The exam of chemistry is not of 90 marks. The exam of geography is of 4 1/2 hrs. and on the last day. The exam of home science is on an even date and of least marks. The exam of chemistry is before exam of economics. The exam of 150 marks is of maximum time duration. The exam of economics is of economics is of least time duration. The sum of time duration of economics and history is of 5hrs.The exam of Chemistry is of 3 1/2 hrs. duration. The maximum marks of physics is 30 marks less than that of biology. The maximum marks of 4 1/2 hrs. exam is 30 marks more than marks of accounts. History is of maximum marks.The maximum marks of home - science are least of all

Find the odd one out?

Chapter Name: Puzzles
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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