Question Paper from: SBI PO Mains 2017

Theƌe aƌe ϭϬ shelǀes Ŷuŵďeƌed ϭ, Ϯ... ϭϬ. TheLJ aƌe aƌƌaŶged iŶ tǁo ƌoǁs oŶe aďoǀe the otheƌ. The shelǀes ϭ, Ϯ, ....ρaƌe iŶ row 1 and rest in row 2 which is above row 1. The shelves are arranged in increasing order of number given to them. Like the shelf number 1 is placed on extreme left of row 1, then shelf number 2 and so on. Similarly the shelf number 6 is placed on extreme left of row 2, and so on. Each shelf contains a certain number of glass slabs and photo frames. Th
ere is at least one glass slab in each shelf. the length of each glass slab is 15 cm and that of each photo frame is 6cm.
The shelf 3 has length 33 cm. There is one shelf between shelf 3 and yellow shelf. The yellow shelf contains 1 glass slab and 6 photo frames more than that in shelf 3. The silver shelf is just above the yellow shelf. The silver shelf contains same number of glass slabs as yellow shelf and 1 photo frame. There are 2 shelves between silver and green slabs. The length of green shelf is 3 cm greater than the silver shelf. The blue shelf is immediate next in number to green shelf. T
he blue shelf contains 1 glass slab more than that in silver shelf and 1 photo frame less than that in green shelf. There is one shelf between blue and orange shelves. The white shelf is just below the orange shelf. There is one shelf between white and red shelf. Black shelf is in row 2. The pink shelf is just below the black shelf. The black shelf has samenumber of photo frames and glass slabs. The orange shelf has 1 glass slab more than black shelf. The length of orange shelf is 24 cm more than the length of pink shelf. The length of violet shelf is half the length of yellow shelf. The red shelf has greater than or equal to four glass slabs. The length of pink shelf is 6 cm less than the shelf immediate next in number. The length of row 1 is 267 cm and that of row 2 is 249 cm.

How many more photo frames can the row 2 adjust?

Chapter Name: Seating Arrangement
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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