Question Paper from: SBI PO Mains 2017

3 partners– A, B, and C – invested in a business through different means – cash capital, land assets and equity certificates.Cash invested by the 3 were in the proportion 2:3:7 respectively; land assets were invested in the ratio 4:3:5 respectively; and equity certificates were invested in proportion 1:5:4 respectively.
In the next cycle the investments made were doubled but in the same proportion as in the previous cycle. However, the period they were invested changed for this cycle. A invested for 10 months, B invested for 2.5 years and C
invested for 20 months. What is C’s approximate profit share if the total profit this time was Rs.3 crores?
Rs. 2.25 crores
Rs. 2.50 crores
Rs. 1.63 crores
Rs. 1.27 crores
Rs. 2.22 crores
Chapter Name: Partnership
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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