Question Paper from: SBI PO Mains 2017

Quantity 1: In an examination, Ankita scored 35 marks less than Puneeta. Puneeta scored 65 more marks than Meenakshi. Rakhi scored 115 marks, which is 20 marks more than Meenakshi's. Simpy scored 108 marks lessthan the maximum marks of the test. What approximate percentage of marks did Simpy score in the examination, if she got 67 marks more than Ankita?
Quantity2: The length of a rectangle is increased by 60%. By what percent would the width have to be decreased to maintain the same area?
quantity 1 > quantity 2
quantity 1 ≥ quantity 2
quantity 1 ≤ quantity 2
quantity 1 < quantity
None of these
Chapter Name: Data - Sufficiency
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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