Question Paper from: SBI PO Mains 2017

What does the code ͚bp͛ stand for in the given code language?
Statement I:In the language, ͚black white red͛ is coded as͚ df dc or ͛and͚ green blue grey ͛ is coded as͚ st hn wo ͛
Statement II:In the language, ͚ blue pink brown͛is coded as ͚er bp hn ͛ and ͚ pink blue white ͛is coded as ͚ hn or bp ͛
Statement III:In the language, ͚ green violet orange͛ is coded as ͚ pa wo kl ͛ and ͚yellow pink brown ͛is coded as ͚ bp bi er
Both II and III
I and either II or III
II and either I or III
Both I and III
All I, II and III
Chapter Name: Data Sufficiency
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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