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The children should be taught with the basic emotions since their childhood. The affection, love and care should be properly imparted into the child's moulding mind. They should be explained the virtues of goodness and badness. The child should be able to feel other's pain and emotion, in order to handle the relationships in life carefully. The teenager should be made aware of the physical and physiological changes in the human structure in a decent and delicate manner, which could provide them the details with the words of mildness without tingling their emotions. The brutality and violent behavior of the child should be controlled in the first instance, so as not to let them grow these virtues in the phase of life. A child should be taught the social behavior and basic manners. These are very much required to lead a respectable life. A child should be made aware of the incidences in the society, along with its impact on the victims and their near and dear ones. These small pieces of information slowly mould their mind and they start learning how to respect others' feelings and emotions. In the development of a child, the role of parents and teachers is very crucial. The parents teach their child at home with their behavior towards their family members and outsiders. A teacher in the same way spreads the virtue of goodness by their way of conversation and interaction within the campus of the institute and in the outside world.

According to the passage, what should NOT taught to children?


Basic emotions.


Virtues of goodness and badness.


Interaction within the campus.


Social behavior.

Chapter Name: Reading Comprehension
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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SSC Stenographer (Shift-2)


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