Fri Apr 28 2023

✅Committe in News 🔷 MeitY constituted task force with the aim to make india 'product developer and manufacturing nation. 🔶 Chaired By - Bhuvnesh Kumar 🔷SC formed five members expert committe to look into Hindenburg report 🔶 Headed By Abhay Manohar Sapre 🔷 Sports ministry forms oversight committe to probe allegations in WFI 🔶M C Mary Kom 🔷 Government formed committe to protect Ladakh culture, language & employment 🔶 MoS for Home Affairs Nityanand Rai 🔷 CJI constituted committe to conduct accessibility audit of SC premises 🔶 SC Judge S Ravindra Bhat 🔷 Center constituted a panel for Higher Educational Institutions 🔶 Dr. K Radhakrishnan