Fri May 26 2023

✅Full Forms of Computer Abbreviations ABC : Tans off – Berry computer A/D : Analog to digital GP : Graphics port AI : Artificial intelligence ALGOL : Algorithmic Language ALU : Arithmetic Logic Unit AM : Amplitude Modulation AMD : Advanced Micro Devices ANSI : American National standards Institute ARPNET : Advanced Research Project Agency Network ASIC : Application specific Integration circuit ASCII : Americna Standard code for Information Interchange ATM : Asynchronous Transfer Mode/Automatic Teller Machine BARC : Bhabha Atomic Research centre Basic : Beginners‟ All – Purpose symbolic In-suction code BCD : Binary coded Decimal BEMA : Business Equipment Manufactures association BIOS : Basic Input Output system BCR : Bar code Reader BPI : Bytes per Inch BPS : Bits Per Second BSNL : Bhrat Snchar Nigm Limited CAD : Computer Aided Design CAL : Computer Aided Leering CAM : Computer Aided Manufacturing CD : Compact Disk C-DAC : Centre for Development of Advanced computing C-DOT : Centre for Development of Telemetric CD-R : Compact Disk-Recordable CD-ROM : Compact Disk-Read only Memory CD-R/W : Compact Disk-Read/Write Class : Computer Literacy and Studies in school CMOS : Complementary Metal oxide semiconductor