Thu Jun 16 2022

Important Appointment, Re appointment & Resignation in News of April MONTH
🔹Rajiv Ahuja - Extented term as Md & ceo of RBL Bank till June 24. 🔸N Chandrshekharan Re-appointed as the Chairman of Tata Sons for next 5 years. 🔹 Subrata Biswas - New Chairman of NARCL Replace-- Pradip Shah. 🔸Babita Singh - Global Peace Ambassador 2022. 🔹Jasteen Kohli - New Md & Ceo of Digit Insurance Replace--- Vijay Kumar. 🔸Deepika Padukone - Appointed as a jury member for 75 th Cannes Film festival. 🔹Bimal Kothari - New Chairman of India pulses and Grain Association. 🔸Rajnish Kumar - Indifi Technologies Advisor. 🔹 Bruce de Broize - New Ceo of Future Generali India Life Insurance, Replace - Miranjit Mukherjee. 🔸 Lt General Baggavalli Somashekhar Raju - Appointed as the Vice chief of the Army Staff, Replace - Lt Gen Manoj Pandey. 🔹Vijay Sampla - NCSC chairperson for the second time ( Article 338). 🔸Vikram Dev Dutt -New chairman & Md of Air India Asset Holding ( AIAHC) . 🔹Robin Uthappa - New Brand ambassador for Karnatka Brain Health Initative. 🔸 Satya Easwaran - Appointed as Wipro's Country head of India. 🔹 Shanti Sethi - Appointed as Kamla Harris 's Defence Advisor. 🔸 Patrick Achi - Re-appointed as the Prime minister of Ivory coast. 🔹 LV Vaidyanathan -Appointed as ceo of P & G India Replace - Madhusudan Gopaln. 🔸 Naresh Kumar - New Chief Secretary of Delhi, Replace - Vijay Kumar Dev. 🔹Manoj Kumar Katiyar - Next director general of Military operation. 🔸Smriti Handa - Bharatpe appointed her as chief human resources officer. 🔹Ajay Kumar Sood -Appointed as Principal Scientific advisor of the Government. 🔸 Wasim Khan -Appointed as the general manager of cricket at the international cricket council. 🔹Suman k Bery - Appointed as the new chairman of NITI Ayog, Succeeded- Rajiv Kumar. 🔹Ashwani Yardi - Appointed as the Co- Chair of UNICEF'S Yuwaah Board. 🔹 Robert Golob - New Prime minister of Solvenia, Replace- 3 time Pm Janez Jansa. 🔹Emmanuel Macron - Re-elected as the President of France, Defeated- Marine le Pen. 🔸Krishnan Ramanujan -NASSCOM new chairperson, Replace - Rekha M Menon.