Fri Jul 08 2022

IMPORTANT DAYS OF JUNE :- ♣️1st June. ♦️World Milk Day. 🎪Theme : Dairy Net Zero. ♣️1st June. ♦️Global Parents Day. 🎪Theme : Appreciate All Parents Throughout The World. ♣️2nd June. ♦️International Sex Workers Day. 🎪Theme : Access To Justice. ♣️2nd June. ♦️Telangana Foundation Day. ♣️3rd June. ♦️World Bicycle Day. 🎪Theme : Uniqueness, versatility, the longevity of the bicycle and simple, sustainable, affordable, reliable, means of transportation. ♣️4th June ♦️International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression. ♣️5th June. ♦️World Environment Day. 🎪Theme : Only One Earth. ♣️5th June ♦️International Day for the 1st against Illegal, Unreported & Unregulated Fishing. ♣️ 6th June. ♦️25th BIMSTEC Day. ♣️6th June. ♦️UN Russian Language Day. ♣️6th June. ♦️World Pest Day. ♣️7th June ♦️World Food Safety Day. 🎪Theme : Safer Food, Better Health. ♣️8th June. ♦️World Ocean Day. 🎪Theme : Revitalization : Collective Action for the Ocean. ♣️8th June. ♦️World Brain Tumour Day. ♣️9th June. ♦️International Achieves Day. ♣️9th June. ♦️World Accreditation Day. 🎪Theme : Sustainability In Economic Growth & the Environment. ♣️11th June. ♦️Green Mizoram Day. ♣️11th June. ♦️World Jaguar Day. ♣️12th June. ♦️World Day Against Child Labour. 🎪Theme : Universal Social Protection to End Child Labour. ♣️13th June. ♦️International Albinism Awareness Day. 🎪Theme : United Making Our Voice Heard. ♣️14th June. ♦️World Blood Donor Day. 🎪Theme : Blood Donation Is An Act Of Solidarity, Join the Efforts & Save lives. ♣️15th June. ♦️World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. 🎪Theme : Digital Equity for All Ages. ♣️15th June. ♦️Global Wind Day. 🎪Theme : The Celebration & Appreciation Of Wind Energy. ♣️16th June. ♦️International Day of Family Remittance. 🎪Theme : Recovery & Resilience through Digital & Financial Inclusion. ♣️16th June. ♦️International Day of the African Child. ♣️16th June. ♦️Martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dev. ♣️17th June. ♦️World Day to Combat Desertification & Drought. 🎪Theme : Rising Up From Drought. ♣️18th June. ♦️Autistic Pride Day. 🎪Theme : Inclusion in the workplace : Challenges & Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World. ♣️ 18th June. ♦️ International Day for Countering Hate Speech. 🎪Theme : Role of Education to Address the root cause of hate Speech & advance inclusion, non discrimination & peace. ♣️ 18th June. ♦️ Sustainable Gastronomy Day. ♣️18th June. ♦️Karnataka Mask Day. ♣️19th June. ♦️World Sickle Cell Day. 🎪Theme : Shine the Light on Sickle Cell. ♣️20th June. ♦️World Refugee Day. 🎪Theme : Right To Seek Safety. ♣️21st June. ♦️International Day of the Celebration of the Solstice. ♣️21st June. ♦️World Hydography Day. 🎪Theme : Contributing To The United Nations Ocean Decade. ♣️21st June. ♦️International Day of Yoga. 🎪Theme : Yoga For Humanity. 😍Edition : 8th. ♣️21st June. ♦️World Music Day. 🎪Theme : Music on the Intersections. ♣️23rd June. ♦️UN Public Service Day. ♣️23rd June. ♦️International Olympic Day. ♣️23rd June. ♦️International Widow's Day. 🎪Theme : Invisible Women's, Invisible Problem. 😍Start : 2005 ♣️23rd June. ♦️International Olympic Day. 🎪Theme : Together, For a Peaceful World. 😍Started : 1948 ♣️23rd June. ♦️United Nations Public Service Day. 🎪Theme : Building Back Better From Covid-19 : Enchancing Innovative Partnership To Meet The Sustainable Development Goals. 😍Started : 2002 ♣️24th June. ♦️Passport Sewa Day. ♣️25th June. ♦️World Vitiligo Day. ♣️26th June. ♦️International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking. 🎪Theme : Addressing Drug Challenges In Health & Humanitarian Crisis. ♣️26th June. ♦️International Day in Support of Victim of Torture. ♣️27th June. ♦️MSME Day 🎪Theme : Resilience & Rebuilding : MSME for Sustainable Development 😍Started : 2017 ♣️ 28th June. ♦️National Insurance Awareness Day. ♣️29th June. ♦️International Day of the Tropics. ♣️29th June. ♦️National Statistics Day. 🎪Theme : Data For Sustainable Development. ♣️30th June. ♦️World Asteroid Day.