Sun Jun 26 2022

🛑JUNE MONTH APPOINTMENT RE-APPOINTMENT AND RESIGNATION🛑 1. Natrajan Sundar - New Ceo of NARCL 2. Nalin Negi - First full time CFO of Bharat pe 3. Rajesh Gera - Appointed as DG of National Information centre 4. Alia Bhatt - BA of Titan Raga 5. Ashwini Bhatia - Taken charge as a whole time member of the SEBI 6. Mridul Sagar - NCAER appointed M. Sagar as the Investor Education & Protection Fund Authority(IEPF) chair professor at NCAER 7. Swati Dhinga - Appointed as the external member of Bank of England's Money Panel 8. Javier Olivan - Next Chief operating officer (COO) of Meta 9. Sandip Pradhan( DG of SAI) - gets extension of 2 yrs by Sports Authority of India 10. A. Manimekhalai - Md and Ceo of Union Bank of India Succeeded -- Raj Kiran Rai Ji 11. Ajay Kumar Srivastava - Md & Ceo of Indian Overseas Bank Succeeded -- Pratham Pratim Sen Gupta 12. Swaroop kumar Saha - Md & Ceo of Punjab and Sind Bank Succeeded-- S. Krishnan 13. Zulifiquar Hasan - Appointed as the New DG of the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) 14. S L Thaosen - Appointed as DG of Shastra Seema Bal