Wed Jun 29 2022

LIST OF FUNDING APPROVED BY WORLD BANK :- 🏦USD 250mn funding to GOAL , an education project in Gujarat. 🏦 USD 150mn funding to support the recovery of India's fisheries sector. 🏦 USD 162 million for the RIGHTS project in TAMILNADU . 🏦 USD 245 million funding to support India's Rail Logistics project. 🏦 Rs 1000 crore for Uttarakhand Climate Responsive Rain - fed Farming Project. 🏦 USD 150 million: Partial Guarantee Facility Agreement (PGFA) with Axis Bank for a partial guarantee programme 🏦 USD 600 million: to Sri Lanka to make payments for essential imports. 🏦 USD 47 million: for the Mission Karmayogi, a national program to build civil service capacity 🏦 USD 350 million: for SRESTHA-G project of Gujarat 🏦 USD 30 billion: fund for food security crisis