Thu Jun 16 2022

MOST IMPORTANT ORGANIZATION, & COMPANY :- ✅ABOUT AIR INDIA: - ✨Founder: R. D. Tata ✨Founded: 1932 ✨Headquarters: New Delhi ✨MD and Ceo-campbell wilson ✅ABOUT THDC INDIA LTD (THDCIL):- ✨Founded: 12 July 1988 ✨Headquarters: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand ✨Chairman & MD: K. Vishnoi ✅ABOUT HDFC ERGO GENERAL INSURANCE CO. Ltd:- ✨Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra ✨MD & CEO: Ritesh Kumar ✅ABOUT PAYTM:- ✨Founded: August 2010 ✨Headquarters: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India ✨CEO: Vijay Shekhar Sharma ✅WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME (WFP) :- ✨Founded : 1961 ✨Headquarters : Rome, Italy ✨Director General : David Beasley 🏅World Food Programme (WFP) wins Nobel Peace Prize 2020 ✅ABOUT PAISABAZAAR.COM: - ✨Headquarters: Gurugram, Haryana ✨CEO & Co-founder: Naveen Kukreja ✅ABOUT UNDERTAKING OF UNIT TRUST OF INDIA (UTI Mutual Fund).:- ✨Founded: 14 January 2003 ✨CEO: Imtaiyazur Rahman (As of Jan 2022). ✨Headquarters: India ✅STAFF SELECTION COMMISSION (SSC): - ✨Formation : 4 November 1975 ✨Headquarters : New Delhi ✨Chairman : S. Kishor ✅INDIAN SPACE RESEARCH ORGANISATION (ISRO) :- ✨Founded : 15 August 1969 ✨HQ : Bengalore, Karnataka ✨Founder / 1st Chairman : Vikram Sarabhai ✨10th Chairman : S Somanath ✅ABOUT EDELWEISS ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED:- ✨Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra ✨CEO & Managing Director (MD) – Radhika Gupta ✅ABOUT NDB: - ✨President – Marcos Prado Troyjo ✨Headquarters - Shanghai, China ✅ABOUT NATIONAL HOUSING BANK (NHB): - ✨Establishment –July 9, 1988 ✨Headquarters –New Delhi ✨Managing Director – Sarada Kumar Hota ✅ABOUT CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION (CBSE): - ✨Head Office: Delhi ✨Founded: 2 July 1929 ✨Chairperson: Nidhi chibber ✅ABOUT TABLE TENNIS FEDERATION OF INDIA (TTFI): - ✨Founded: 1926 ✨Headquarters: New Delhi ✨President: Dushyant Chautala ✅ABOUT GROUP OF G20: - ✨Established: 1999 ✨Members: 20 (19 countries + European Union) ✅ABOUT NITI AAYOG: - ✨Formed: 1 January 2015 ✨Headquarters: New Delhi ✨Chairperson: Narendra Modi ✨Vice Chairperson: suman bery ✨CEO: Amitabh Kant ✅ABOUT WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO): - ✨Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland ✨Founded: 7 April 1948 ✨Director-General: Tedros Adhanom ✅ABOUT SMALL INDUSTRIES DEVELOPMENT BANK OF INDIA (SIDBI): - ✨SIDBI is the apex regulatory body for the overall licensing and regulation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) finance companies in India. ✨SIDBI, established under an Act of Parliament in 1990, is operated by the Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance ✨CMD– “Sivasubramanian Ramann” ✨Headquarter– Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh ✅ABOUT FEDERATION OF INDIAN CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY (FICCI): ✨Founded: 1927 ✨Headquarters: New Delhi ✨President: Sanjiv Mehta ✨Secretary General: Dilip Chenoy ✨Director-General: Arun Chawla ✅TRANSUNION CIBIL FOUNDED: 2000 ✨TransUnion CIBIL Managing Director: Rajesh Kumar; ✨TransUnion CIBIL Chairman: M.V.Nair (Chairman). ✅ABOUT UNITED NATION CONFERENCE ON TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT (UNCTAD): - ✨Founded: 1964 ✨Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland ✨Secretary-General: Rebeca Grynspan (Costa Rica) ✅ABOUT TATA POWER: - ✨Founded: 1911 ✨Founder: Dorabji Tata ✨Headquarters: Mumbai ✨CEO: Praveer Sinha ✅ABOUT INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (IOC): - ✨Founded: 1894 ✨Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland ✨President: Thomas Bach ✅ABOUT COAL INDIA LTD. : - ✨Founded: 1975 ✨Headquarters: Kolkata ✨Chairman & MD: Pramod Agrawal ✅ABOUT JPMORGAN CHASE & CO.: ✨Founded: 1 December 2000 ✨Headquarters: New York, New York, United States ✨CEO: Jamie Dimon ✅ABOUT JIO PLATEFORMS :- ✨Founded: October 2019 (as a wholly-owned unit of Reliance) ✨Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra ✨Founder: Mukesh Ambani ✅ABOUT TWITTER: ✨Founded: March 21, 2006 ✨Headquarters: San Francisco, California, U.S. ✨Chairman: Patrick Pichette ✨CEO: Parag Agrawal