Sun May 29 2022

🛑NATO IN NEWS 2021-22🛑 🔹NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg to head Norway central bank. 🔹 NATO plans to set up new space center in Germany. 🔹NATO extends tenure of Jens Stoltenberg as Secretary-General by one year. 🔹 NATO military exercise ‘Cold Response 2022’ begins in Norway. 🔹 NATO member countries will be conducting a 12-day maritime exercise “Neptune Strike '22” Mediterranean Sea. 🔹NATO’s highest Military Authority, the Military Committee, will meet virtually on 12-13 January 2022, in Brussels, Belgium. 🔹 NATO Conduct Steadfast Defender 21 war Games. 🔹US Army-led Massive NATO Joint Military Exercise DEFENDER-Europe 21 Begins in Albania. 🔻North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Formation : 4 April 1949 HQ : Brussels, Belgium Secretary General : Jens Stoltenberg Total Member : 30 (North Macedonia)