Tue Apr 11 2023

✅RESERVE BANK OF INDIA:- #rbi ◾️Reserve Bank of India act was passed in. ♦️ Ans : 1934. ◾️Reserve Bank of India was established on. ♦️ Ans : April 1st,1935. ◾️The head quarters of RBI was initially established in. ♦️ Ans : Kolkata ◾️The headquarters of RBI was permanently shifted to Mumbai in. ♦️ Ans : 1937. ◾️RBI was setup on the recommendation of. ♦️Ans : Hilton Young Commission (1926). ◾️Hilton Young Commission was also known as. ♦️Ans : Royal Commission. ◾️The Bank known as Banker's Bank. ♦️ Ans : RBI. ◾️The apex bank of India. ♦️ Ans : RBI. ◾️The Central bank of India. ♦️ Ans : RBI ◾️The regulator of loans. ♦️ Ans : RBI ◾️The bank which is often referred as Mint Street. ♦️ Ans : RBI ◾️The Banking Ombudsman Scheme has been formulated by. ♦️ Ans : RBI ◾️The credit controller of India. ♦️ Ans : RBI ◾️The bank which represents India in- the IMF. ♦️ Ans : RBI. ◾️RBI was nationalised on. ♦️ Ans : January 1, 1949 ◾️Headquarters of RBI in Kerala. ♦️ Ans : Thiruvananthapuram. ◾️The animal embossed on the emblem of Reserve Bank of India ♦️ Ans : Tiger ◾️The tree embossed on the emblem of Reserve Bank of India. ♦️ Ans : Palm Tree ◾️First Governor of RBI. ♦️ Ans : Sir Osborne Smith ◾️First Indian to become the Governor of RBI ♦️ Ans : C.D. Deshmukh