Sat May 09 2020

Banking Awareness 2020- For All Bank Exams

List of Important Banking Terms

Retail banking
Retail banking is a type of banking in which a commercial bank directly deals with retail customers is done. This type of banking is also refer to as consumer banking or personal banking.

Green Banking
Green banking refers to promoting environmentally friendly practices and reducing your carbon footprints from your banking activities.

Non Performing Assets
NPA refers to non-performin asset of a bank which is not producing any income. After 90 days period and any consumer loans which are more than 180 days overdue., a bank classify an account nonperforming assets

Inflation refers to a State in which the Value of Money is Falling and the Prices are rising, over a period of time.

A cheque is a non-negotiable instrument. It involves three parties for the exchange of money namely: Drawee, drawer and payee.

Credit Rating
‘Credit rating’ is the procedure of assessment of the creditworthiness of a borrower or a loan taker; creditworthiness defines as the ability of a borrower to ‘service the loan’, i.e., pay back the loan along with the interest.

CAMELS rating system
CAMELS is basically a rating system developed in the US that is used by supervisory authorities to rate banks and other financial institutions.

Bancassurance is a concept in which the commercial bank sells insurance products. This is one of the best way to grow profit for both institutions.