Mon Aug 22 2022

🎯 RUSSIA IN NEWS :- ♦️Russia Overtakes Saudi Arabia To Become India’s 2nd Biggest Oil Supplier. ♦️Russian Language Day 2022 Observed On 6th June. ♦️Russian Vessel Moskva Has Sunk As A Result Of A ‘Neptune Missile Strike’ By Ukraine. ♦️Russia Is Now World’s Most Sanctioned Country 2022. ♦️Russia Destroyed The Largest Plane In The World ‘Mriya’. ♦️Wushu Stars Championship: India’s Sadia Tariq Wins Gold In Russia. ♦️Russia-China-Iran Conducts Joint Naval Exercise CHIRU-2Q22. ♦️Russia Delivers All The Contracted 70,000 AK-203 Assault Rifles To India. 🏛 About Russia :- ◾️Capital : Moscow ◾️Currency : Rouble ◾️President : Vladimir Putin