Fri May 26 2023

✅SOME ABBREVIATIONS IN NEWS :- ♦️HUID : Hallmark unique indentation. [7 Digit]. ♦️IIL : Indian immunological limited. ♦️CIFA : Central Institute Of Freshwater Aquaculture. ♦️MRSAM : Medium Range Surface To Air Missile. ♦️IMX/CE : International Maritime Exercise/Cutlass Express. ♦️SWAGAT : State Wide Attention On Grievances By Application Of Technology. ♦️NBBL : NPCI Bharat BillPay Ltd. ♦️ONDC : Open Network For Digital Commerce. ♦️FIEO : Federation of Indian Export Organization. ♦️IAA : Indo Australian Association. ♦️ARC : Asset Reconstruction Companies. ♦️SATHEE : Self Assessment Test And Help For Entrance Exams. ♦️GETEX : Global Education & Training Exhibition. ♦️PRET : The Preparedness and Resilience To Emerging Threats. ♦️ODF : Open Defecation Free. ♦️CGTMSE : Credit Gaurateen Trust For Micro And Small Enterprises. ♦️AHDF : Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Fishery Farmer. ♦️SAF : Sustainable Aviation Fuel. ♦️SMA : Special Mention Accounts ♦️LTRO - long-term repo operations. ♦️TLTRO - Targeted LTRO. ♦️EOI - Expressions of Interest. ♦️FCRA - Foreign Contribution Registration Act. ♦️SWM - Solid Waste Management. ♦️TSU - The Technical Support Unit. ♦️SBM - Swacch Bharat Mission. ♦️CRAR - Capital to Risk-weighted Assets Ratio.