Fri Jul 08 2022

✅SOME RECENT ABBREVIATIONS 💠OBICUS- Order Books, Inventories and Capacity utilization Survey (RBI) 💠TiHAN- Technology Innovation Hub on Autonomous Navigation.(By ministry of science & technology at iit Hyderabad-- Jitendra Singh) 💠 NCAP - New Car Assessment Program(Ministry of road and transport Nitin Gadkari) 💠DAVINCI- Deep Atmosphere Venus investigation of noble gases, Chemistry and Imaging Mission.(Nasa-2029) 💠CAPSTONE- Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System technology operations and Navigation Experiment-(NASA) 💠RAMP- Raising and Accelerating MSME Performance.(MSME) 💠PACS- Primary Agricultural Credit Society-(2516) 💠POEM- PSPV Orbital Experimental Module(ISRO) 💠PADMA- Pay Roll Automation for Disbursement of Monthly Allowances.(Ministry of Defence) 💠 SRESHTHA-G - System Reforms endeavour for transformed health achievement.(WB granted 350mn loan to Gujarat) 💠 SHRESHTA- Scheme for residential education for student in high school in targeted areas. (Ministry of Social justice and empowerment- Virendra kumar-class9-11)