Mon Apr 03 2023

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary

1. Indictment: the act of officially accusing somebody of a crime.
2. Polarise: to cause people or opinions to be divided into two opposing groups.
3. Reimbursed: paid back money to someone who had spent it for you or had lost it because of you. लौटाना
4. Rife: very common or frequent. व्याप्त 5. Behest: a person's orders or command. आदेश 6. Compelling: that makes you think it is true. दमदार
7. Vogue: a fashion or general liking, especially one that is temporary. प्रचलन
8. Sap: to make someone weaker or take away strength or an important quality from someone, especially over a long period of time. 9. Testament: proof that something exists or is true. साक्षी 14. Revelatory: making something known or showing something that was previously secret. जतानेवाल